Firefox 29 Is Now Available In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Firefox 29 Is Now Available In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The latest Mozilla Firefox web browser has landed in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and other Ubuntu based linux distributions bringing many improvements and changes.

Firefox 29 features a new user interface known as Australis, a Gamepad API that allow the user to play browser based games with a traditional gamepad controler, the ability to set up Firefox Sync by creating a Firefox account and also an improved customization mode.

But like with every piece of software, many problems occur along the way. Security researchers have published some serious security issues related to the Firefox 29 web browser.

They were able to discover multiple memory safety issues in Firefox that can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user invoking Firefox or denial of service via application crash.

But now everything is fixed and thanks to the Ubuntu developers Firefox 29 is present in the official repositories, so it should be very easy to upgrade from an older version or install it if you did not have one of the previous versions in your Ubuntu system.

  • Charles Sawyer

    “Firefox 29 Is Now Available In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS” I don’t like 29, many of the addon’s I use don’t work with 29, so I reverted back to 28 for the addons.

  • Leonardo Monday

    it looks ok, so far . but in the linux version you can’t use the internal window manager like chrome does :P

  • Raiderwolf

    Mozilla is more of a homosexual activist company now, rather than a software development company. It puts promoting homosexuality above the value of knowledge and skills. They fired Brendon Eich, the inventor of Java Script, arguably the most qualified knowledge and skill person they had in the company just because he wouldn’t toe the line to their homosexual activist agenda. How many more smart and skilled people are they going to fire because they won’t toe the line to their homosexual activist agenda? Clearly promoting homosexuality is more important than producing the best browser, or any other software, at Mozilla now.