Encrypt Your Files And Folders With Cryptkeeper And Encfs

Encrypt Your Files And Folders With Cryptkeeper And Encfs

What is Cryptkeeper?

Cryptkeeper  is  an encrypted folders manager, it allows users to mount and unmount encfs folders, to change the password  and  to  create  new crypted folders. It integrates with  your preferred file manager.

What is Encfs?

EncFS is used to create or mount a virtual encrypted filesystem which stores encrypted data in the rootdir directory and makes the unencrypted data visible at the mount Point directory.  The user must supply a password which is used to (indirectly) encrypt both filenames and file contents.

Install Cryptkeeper and Encfs On Ubuntu/Linux Mint

You can install them with command:

$ sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper encfs

Launch Cryptkeeper

After you installed cryptkeeper, open it up either from your Dash or Menu. The Cryptkeepr icon will be automatically placed in your Top menu or Task bar.

Selection_005Create an Encrypted Folder

Click on the Cryptkeeper icon found in the top menu or task bar. Click on New Encrypted Folder.

Menu_006Choose the name and location for your encrypted folder.

Create a new encrypted directory_001Enter the password for your folder.

Create a new encrypted directory_002Now your encrypted folder has been created.

Create a new encrypted directory_010After you created the encrypted folder, it will be automatically mounted in your default file manager.

Selection_003You can this folder to put your personal secret files and folders.

Unmount Encrypted Folder

After saving all your secret files, just unmount the folder with command:

$ sudo fusermount -u /home/sk/unixmen/secret

Now the files and folders that you saved in the encrypted folder are not visible anymore.

Mount Encrypted Folder

Click on the Cryptkeeper icon in the task bar and select the encrypted folder.

Menu_004Enter the password to unlock the folder.

cryptkeeper_005Now the encrypted folder is mounted back in the file manager. You can access, create, delete the files/folders as usual.

  • Star-Picket

    A few comments: 1) This has had trouble working with Ubuntu 13.04. Currently it is okay but could break after an update. 2) You can unmount using the GUI. The mount folder is marked in the menu. Just unmark it. This is simpler than using the command line. 3) I prefer this to Gnome Encfs Manager – though they are very similar. I find Crypterkeeper marginally less complicated. Thanks for the article

  • michel piquer

    I had issues with Cryptkeeper, when I created an stash and put files in it, then unmounted the stash and tried to mount it again i got this error: The stash could not be mounted. Invalid password? (I was sure the password was correct)

    So I tried gnome encfs manager and this worked end even better (more options).

    For those with the same issue…

    This is the ppa and install Command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gencfsm && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome-encfs-manager

  • graphael

    I think that there’s only the folder that is crypted and so it’s possible to easily recover the files with testdisk or photorec on Linux without any passwords.
    Don’t throw to the bin a hard disk with a “protected” folder.Destroy disk with programs,a heavy magnet or a heavy hammer before puttint it to the junkyard!!!

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