Elementary OS “Isis” Is Now Freya

Elementary OS “Isis” Is Now Freya

Elementary OS developers have decided to change the codename of their linux distribution due to some controversies. The codename Isis is a bad image for the Elementary OS because many people may get confused and associate it with the terrorist organization named ISIS.

This terrorist organisation is an unrecognized state and active jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria influenced by Wahhabism and it stands for an islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

“elementary obviously has no ties to the militant group known as ISIS—and we don’t think people will get us confused—but we want to both recognize the ongoing turmoil and choose a less controversial name.”, reads the post on the devs G+ account.

But what really matters to us and to our linux readers is to clarify that elementary obviously has no connection to the militant group.

What is the new codename of the elementary OS?

Freya! Yes, the upcoming elementary OS Isis holds now the name of a Norse goddess of love and beauty. This makes alot of sense because developers of this linux distro are pushing their design forward.

  • Mikael Souza

    Wow… I think Freya is a great name, even better than Isis…
    I hope Freya will be released soon. I just love elementary OS!

  • Nasser Mansouri

    Freya, love and beauty, better name that isis, good decision..

  • Flexo

    Does this distro is really needed? For me is just a gnome shell distro with a dock and a menu extension :)

  • Keeper242

    Any new updates from Elementary OS aside from changing the name from ISIS to Freya?

  • carlos gonzalez

    En español, Isis era excelente…como casi todo en inglés suena tan frío y sin personalidad

  • Nicholas Maguire

    Nope, Elementary OS uses it’s own stuff :P It’s a very polished OS, a lot better than any other Linux Distro. I distro hop all the time, but settled in Elementary OS.

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  • Ari Torres

    best distro ever………….I am the king and I say so :)