Conky_7 and Conky_8- Just Another 2 Stunning themes for Conky

In my previous posts, we saw together many nice themes for conky (Conky Lua, Conky_2, conky_5 and more). Recently was released 2 new conky themes: Conky_7 and Conky_8, two different and very nice themes.

In this posts we will see how to install these 2 themes (conky_7 and Conky_8) themes in Linux, i tested this on Ubuntu (Precise Pangolin) and LinuxMint, but will work also for Fedora, Opensuse, ArchLinux and other Linux distos.

So lets see.

1- Download the theme you want:

– For Conky_7
Download Conky_7 Theme

– For Conky_8
Download Conky_8 Theme

2- Extract the downloaded file and press Ctrl+H to unhide the folders, then copy the .conky folder to your /home/username directory, in my case i copied the file to


3- Now there are 3 themes variants for conky_7 and conky_8 : a, b, and c

You can run the theme you want using the command(Change X with 7 or 8):

conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_xa
 conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_xb
 conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_xc

  Conky_7  (a)                                       Conky_8 (a)


4- To start Conky_7 or 8 theme with system startup, you need to add Conky_xy (Change x with 7 or 8, and Y with a, b or c) to Ubuntu startup application.

  • a- go Menu–> Startup Applications

  • b- and add in the command Box this line:

change x with theme number: 7 or 8, and Y with theme variation : a, b or c, then click save

sh -c "sleep 30s; conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_xy"

  • Everybody Dotheconky

    To start conky 15″ after your session: conky -d – p 15

  • Johnpiers

    Followed instructions and does not work in ARCH 64 Bit! This is my output!

    Conky: /home/myname/.conky/conkyrc_8c: 50: no such configuration: ‘lua_load’Conky: /home/myname/.conky/conkyrc_8c: 51: no such configuration: ‘lua_draw_hook_pre’Conky: /home/myname/.conky/conkyrc_8c: 52: no such configuration: ‘lua_draw_hook_post’Conky: forked to background, pid is 10261[myname@horse ~]$ Conky: desktop window (1200024) is subwindow of root window (15a)Conky: window type – overrideConky: drawing to created window (0x3000001)Conky: drawing to double buffer


  • Balreign

    As stated by stuart, conky has implemented few options like the one to delay it’s start. The correct command should be “conky -p 30 -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_xy”. More can be found here

  • Aa

    function conky_main_bars execution failed: attempt to call a nil value, any idea why this problem?

  • Aa

    Thanks I found the problem, it was the directory of the file

  • Ivan

    Wow, The programing used in the lua files is amazing, My greatest admiration for who did it. Great job

  • David Gay

    I made some improvements to positioning of elements (at least from what happened on my machine). The files are available here:

  • gibies george
  • David

    I am using Fedora 17 and I cannot get the conky transparent. Can anyone help me with this?