Cleaning up Ubuntu after every Upgrade or fresh Install | oneiric ocelot

Each time you upgrade your system, some packages, or well, data get left behind in your system that have absolutely no use. They do nothing, but take up your HDD space and in turn, waste your systems’ valuable resources. This little tutorial will show you how to clean up Ubuntu after every upgrade or  fresh install.


Thankfully, Ubuntu now includes an utility called ‘Computer Janitor’ to make our lives much easier. If you’re from a windows background, you may compare this to the ‘Disk Cleanup’ tool.

If you don’t know where to find it, just bring up the launcher and search for ‘Computer Janitor’


You’ll be presented with a list of packages and why it’s not needed anymore. Review them as you see fit and choose to keep or throw away.


After you’re done, just click on ‘Do Selected Tasks’ to prune the selected packages from your system.


When prompted, confirm it by clicking on ‘Remove Packages’. That’s all there’s to it. Enjoy!

  • Gregory Mann

    I love Mr.Terminal. He’s my friend!

  • r. harvey

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  • Bruce Epper

    Your comparison of Computer Janitor to the Disk Cleanup in Windows doesn’t even come close. It’s more like Disk Cleanup on steroids – or what Disk Cleanup SHOULD be. Computer Janitor will remove entire packages that are no longer needed. Disk Cleanup will get rid of temp files and general garbage files on the system. It can even remove files that were backed up prior to the installation of a Servie Pack. But all of those files that were backed up for all of those little monthly (or so) updates will be left behind – still consuming your hard drive space (and manually removing them can cause problems with future updates or service packs).

    You really should find something else to base a comparison on. What you have chosen doesn’t do it justice.

  • MediasharpDE

    Thanks for this Article! 

  • Rik

    Thanks! I removed some packages and hope it will help to help my older computer running until replacement is there.

  • Thomas Sisson

    Computer Janitor should not be compared with Disk Cleanup. Disk Cleanup is virtually harmless and practically idiot proof. Computer Janitor is much closer to CCleaner, except that CCleaner would not remove the Windows shell. It should not be used by typical Windows users who are using Linux.