Chrome vs. Firefox for Ubuntu

Chrome vs. Firefox for Ubuntu

According to the independent web analytics firm, StatCounter Chrome has excelled as the world most popular browser  with the highest browser usage share for the month of May 2012. But does that apply to Linux platform too? Is Chrome the best browser for Linux? The post compares the widely popular Mozilla Firefox browser version 4 with relatively new Google’s Chrome version 16, distinctly for Ubuntu!

Mozilla Firefox comes by default on Linux based distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora etc. Naturally Ubuntu users opt for open source softwares. Technically, Opposed to Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome is closed source; that makes Ubuntu users  favour Firefox than Chrome, and that is understandable. Chromium, on the other hand is open source basis of Chrome. But unfortunately it lacks some key features like default PDF plug-in for viewing PDF files in the browser and Flash support. Ubuntu users, primarily supporters of open community also tend to have grudges towards Google, who is alleged to collect and aggregate data of Internet users that is later used by marketing agencies and by  Google itself to increase the efficiency of its own marketing/advertising activities. Of course, many detest the fact of having their data sold for advertisement.
But apart from that, Firefox outshines Chrome on Ubuntu machine for feature, stability and security. Now let’s investigate further, why Firefox remains dominant in the Ubuntu/ Linux sphere.


Customisation remains one of the central features when comparing the two browsers. As obvious, open source software users look for freedom, freedom in everything and specially in customisation. Though Firefox has chromised itself delivering a minimal interface thanks to it’s amazing potential of customisation that it can be completely personalised. Chrome on the Other hand does not even provide half of the tools for customisation. Chrome does not offer layout customization options like Firefox. Firefox’s interface is also subject to CSS styling, which allows the user to completely customize each element’s appearance and placement! With firefox you can adjust the interface and adapt to your personal requirements: re-arrange, organize, add or remove buttons or fields to change your browsing experience however you want. Many users  also find the inability to adjust the font size in tabs frustrating in Chrome.  This can be a notable factor when your contender gives limitless options for customisation. Chrome also has poor rendering when it comes to Indic fonts.

Speed, Startup time and stability

Firefox yet again outshines Chrome on Ubuntu machine in startup time. Mozilla has significantly worked on making the browser swift and snappy in its newer releases and it shows evidently. Firefox however lags behind with a very less margin when it comes to page loading time. Chrome is slightly fast than Firefox owing to its minimal code base.
Firefox was alleged for intensive memory usage, but new releases make memory usage efficient down to 50%. When released, Chrome was intended to be a light weight browser but with the course of time it is becoming notorious for memory hogging. This is because Chrome launches a new process for every web page which makes it heavy on system resources.
stability is where, Firefox clearly unseats chrome. As much as Chrome is stable on Windows platform, it is weak and unstable on Linux platform. Very often does chrome become unstable and crashes. Though owing to its intelligent tab management one or two tabs crash without affecting the whole browser. But having several tabs down for unknown reasons can also be a pain in neck. Plug-ins also happen to cash very often in Chrome.Chrome mishandles SSL certificate causing annoyance very frequently.


Firefox wins when it comes to compatibility with Java, Flash, WebGL. Because Firefox renders Flash better, YouTube is much more enjoyable on Firefox. However, Chrome renders HTML 5 and JavaScript better than Firefox ( after all its being funded by the Silicon Valley giant not by a handful of volunteers)  Both Firefox and Chrome are at par when it comes to compatibility with DOM and CSS. In contrast to Chrome for Windows, chrome for Ubuntu significantly falls short.


Firefox wins here with a great margin. When it comes to features Firefox is feature packed ! With features such as Pin as App Tabs, One button Menu, no track, addons, Personas, App Tabs to create mini bookmarks, group opened tabs etc.. Chrome has some nice feature set but it is far far behind Firefox.

Security & Privacy

Chrome and Firefox both employ anti-malware tools for secure browsing. both Firefox and Chrome give security warnings when you visit a risky website and instigate your antivirus to run and scan the file downloaded. besides this Firefox is aided with plenty of add ons to further improve security, such as NoScript. Firefox has the best pop-up blocker. Firefox also has one of the most efficient  anti-phishing feature. Last but no the leastt Firefox has a safe mode to recover from unexpected shut downs. Chrome too, restores your last session recovering from unexpected failures but not very often on Ubuntu like on Windows.

Talking about privacy, Google Chrome has obvious concerns of data tracking and selling. Firefox in contrast, ensures that the data you leave while browsing using the Firefox is kept private. It states on its home page: ” When you browse, you leave a trail of data that potentially contains all sorts of personal information. We believe this info belongs to you and you alone (and least of all to overzealous advertisers), and have built in features to ensure that’s the case.”


For Ubuntu platform, Firefox still leads when it comes to Synchronisation. Chrome is catching up but the system is still buggy and doesn’t work at all at times.
For synchronisation  with mobile devices, Firefox still takes the lead. Firefox on desktop seamlessly Synchronises with your mobile Firefox, bookmarks, tabs open on your desktop Firefox  etc. chrome on the other hand is only available on mobile devices running ICS- not to forget that ICS is only available on handful of Android devices. This limits the scope of Chrome on mobile devices. When synchronisation is possible, it is far lagging as compared to that with Firefox.


The addon system accompanying the Google Chrome has some serious concerns with “actual” developers. Mozilla integrates addon system directly with the browser ( this has some disadvantages though). This gives more liberty for developers when developing extensions .

Developers often complaint that the extension system for Chrome is much more  restrictive in the capabilities in contrast to that of Firefox as chrome owing to limitation of Chrome API exposed to extensions.  For example While development, you might come across a situation where you need to turn JavaScript off for website testing, or empty browser cache. To do this on chrome you have to go to setting of the browser.  While on Firefox you can simply do this with web developer extension, which is as simple as turning on and of a button. By far, Chrome is way way behind Firefox for development.

When it comes to Ubuntu, Firefox certainly wins. Even when we evaluate both the browsers irrespective of the OS we find Firefox has an edge over Chrome  as being aided with more features. What browser do you prefer on your Ubuntu machine? Chrome or Firefox?

  • DisspellingtheFUD

    I’ve done my own tests and I have to kindly disagree with many of the points you made. The only time I have issues with stability in Chrome on Linux Mint 13 is only once in a while 1 or 2 times every day or 2, and I happen to be running from the Dev channel which is the most unstable of the builds. I haven’t seen the benefits of using FF over Chrome and the point of pop up blockers, adblock and the like work extremely well in Chrome. & the FUD concerning Google, they don’t sell your info or habits to anyone, they use it in house to be able to better target relevant ads. That is how they sell their service to advertisers.

  • Sahilshines

    I dont understand,why you have included plugin chapter here? as because almost 70-80 % of plugins made for firefox have been ported to chrome and vice versa.Chrome as a feature print to pdf which is so helpfull that lacks in firefox.

    PS your article is bit biased. sory

  • epikvision

    I use Ubuntu, and I prefer Firefox over Chrome because Firefox clearly renders Korean text while Chrome just scrunch them up into illegible strings. Although I never was a Mozilla fan before, I’m starting to see its many fine points, from its integrity to open source philosophy to its rapid monthly updates.

  • Verdia13

    Gee what a biased review. You can pin tabs in Chromium. Nearly all Firefox addons are available for Chromium. No problems with stability here. Start up times about the same. Please take your blinkers off.

  • Richard Cain

    Live bookmarks for RSS feeds are indispensible for me.  Chrome doesn’t have them, so FF is the only one for me (for now).

  • Deekshith Allamaneni

    Really? I dont think so. I can print from Firefox to PDF on Ubuntu without installing any addons or softwares. I do it very frequently.

  • Anon

    I don’t agree with “Because Firefox renders Flash better”, on my poor EeePC flash on youtube is very smooth with chromium, while it’s a bit laggy with firefox, otherwise, everything is better with firefox.

  • anon

     >Nearly all Firefox addons are available for Chromium.
    You gotta be kidding me right?
    Did you even tried “equivalents” on chrome AND firefox ? Enjoy your poor add-on support and the lack of features.

  • Stephen Green

    Of course Firefox  is better. There’s a lot to be said concerning Google, and I’m glad to see it was mentioned here. Speed is a relevant thing, any browser loaded with all kinds
    things to ‘enhance’ or whatever, will slow it down. 

  • Jim from PA

    I prefer Firefox 12+ over Chromium 19+ for its performance (feels faster), stability, password control, themes, and add-ins. I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last 6 years. Jim from PA.

  • Gustavo

    Chromium 18 is faster than Firefox 13.

  • Dani Ortez

    I would like to heartily disagree with this  article. I have used Chrome (full chrome and not chromium…) on Ubuntu, Fedora and on my ICS tablet. The  experience for me has been seamless (with he exception of  Chrome for ICS not supporting flash… yet). The anger  against chrome in the  article to me was palpable and  unwarranted.  

  • Erno Linnola

    It’s true that Chrome/Chromium has become more memory hogging browser during the last 2 years. It’s no more light browser though it’s still faster than IE and FF. I used both Firefox and Chromium in Linux Mint Maya.

    Here are memory hogging results now: 


    322,3 Mib

    -Firefox 13.0

    123,8 Mib

    …so really Chrome/Chromium is memory hogger (both browsers have adblock and flashblock enabled)

  • DarkDuck

    I agree with most commenters and disagree with the author. Chrome is faster and more convenient for me. Chrome(-ium) user since version 1.

    By the way, have you seen Chromofox? ;)

  • Matt

    Going to disagree with the author here. Although the improvements to Aurora/Firefox 13 are enormous, in no way is it crushing Chrome(ium) nearly so much as the author states. Chrome is fast, stable, and useful. Firefox is also fast, stable, and useful.

    Just use what you’re comfortable with. I personally have both installed as rolling releases, and I wouldn’t uninstall either.

  • Jonquil McDaniel

    I agree, this is a completely biased review. I haven’t experienced any of the issues the author states as coming from Chrome/Chromium. Both browsers are fast and stable, only Chromium renders web pages a bit more quickly. I’ve never had an issue with syncing on Chrome/Chromium. I have however had issues with Firefox because it requires a key to sync initially (shouldn’t the password be enough?).

  • 4ensicPenguin2

    Well, I honestly use both.

  • Verdia13

    Well it has everything I need. Of course I’ve used equivalents in both browsers. I still do. Now give me examples of everyday addons I can’t access if I use Chromium. 

  • kiwi13

    Yes so do I. They both have their strengths.

  • Brandon Watkins

    This was a ridiculous article. I like both chrome and firefox, but use chrome on both windows and linux just because the interface is so much more responsive (firefox has made a lot of improvements in this area lately, but chrome still shines in that area in comparison).

    I Agree regarding customization, firefox is far more powerful in that area. I hate not being able to customize chrome’s toolbar.

    But, all the rest of this article did was make a bunch of absurd biased claims. I’ve not once seen chrome crash on my system…

    How does firefox win when it comes to “Java, Flash, WebGL”? Firefox “renders flash better”? What the hell are you talking about? Flash works the same in both. How the heck does chrome for ubuntu “significantly lack” compared to the windows version? You keep making these claims with nothing to back them up.

    On my machine both chrome and firefox have pretty much identical startup times. 2-4 seconds cold start, 1-2 warm.

    I’ve never had any issues with sync and chrome, how is is ‘buggy’?

    Chrome does have app tabs, a one button menu and the equivalent of personas. Have you even USED chrome? It decides like you just got up this morning and decided to write the most biased comparison imaginable.

  • Kiwi4613

    OK lets take one of your arguments. PDF. Not available in Chromium because it’s proprietary. There’s an extension available for this.
    You can also download the chrome browser .deb file and extract the pdf viewer plugin from that. Now stop generalising and give us concrete examples of plugins available for Firefox that we can’t get in Chromium.

  • donnek

     What???  You can only view pdfs via Google Docs, or alternatively, save every single pdf on your hard drive and open it from there.  This is the single biggest black mark against Chromium, and the only workaround I’ve found is to have Konqueror open alongside Chromium and drag the pdf link into that to have it open sensibly the way any decent browser should allow you to.

  • coppa carlo

    No comment! Article ridiculous!No comment! Article ridiculous!

  • Kiwi4613

    WRONG. Get your facts right before posting!! There is a pdf viewer addon for Chromium made by  Google. I use it all the time. Did you read my post. As is said you can also extract the pdf viewer plugin from the chrome browser .deb file and use that. 

  • Kiwi4613

    If you don’t want to use docs to view the best way is to utilise the Chrome plugin as explained here

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  • Gest

    Best plugin Firefox is FireBug and Chrome have nothing , (Chrome webmaster tools are pain in …) works and you can debug javascript / ajax calls

  • Huss

    what a terrible article, a bunch of biased assertions without data to show, 
    there are a couple of valid points, but no actual evidence to back them up either, this looks more like a forum post by a 15 year old.

  • Michael I.

    Extremely biased “review”. Really wasted my time reading it.
    Get your act together or stop pushing junk like this into a so-called “review”, please.

    I like both Firefox and Chrome, btw.

  • syncdram

    Now lets talk real world here for a second, Firefox on my high end machine is slow to load and load web pages, therefore i use chromium not chrome. Chromium outshines Firefox on my ubuntu machine. On the other hand on my Vector Linux Machine things are just the opposite, Firefox outshines Chromium hands down. Conclusion: It VERY much depends on what Linux distro your running and to say one is better than the other you are wrong.

  • discussant99

    Ayesha, I appreciate your enthusiasm for Firefox. I have a nostalgic fondness for it as well. But (on my Linux box at least) “quick” it isn’t. Chrome/Chromium loads in 2-3 seconds, Firefox in 15-20 — and I’m running the latest and greatest version of Firefox, the one that’s supposed to have speed enhancements. That’s really my biggest complaint about Firefox, in fact. Perhaps people with more RAM have better results?

    My second biggest complaint comes when I close Firefox then realize I need a browser after all. If I don’t wait long enough to restart it I get the dreaded “Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system” lock error. Really? After all these years, Firefox? You can’t clear the .lock file any faster?

    I do agree about Firefox’s greater configurability, though. And its greater adherence to the whole philosophy of open source. And, yes, there are certain privacy concerns with anything Google. So … to each his or her own.

  • discussant99

    The plugin I’ve been looking for in Chromium is the equivalent of FireFTP on Firefox. Do you know of an embedded, graphical SFTP (not just FTP) client plugin for Chromium?

  • Lililoxendale23

    Well really they both work great when you run them on anything other that bumtu.  And why would you assume that we are running baby bumtu machines.  Keep the browser of your choice and dump the baby bumtu pos OS and you’ll be fine.

  • Albin

    I’ve kept Lubuntu 10.10 on my little netbook for performance reasons and found FF updates stopped with others, so I’m stuck at FF11 while I continued to get Chrome updates via Synaptic.  That said, I’ve recently experienced site rendering problems with Chrome that don’t happen with FF – most irritating is Chrome’s complete inability to deal with the new resizeable Bloomberg Live TV (Flash) pop-out that I like to keep down in a corner during the morning.  I have to use FF if I want to watch Bloomberg in a mini-window.

  • ObiWanKenobi

     I prefer having both on ubuntu. Each one has its virtues and drawbacks.

  • Brandon Watkins

    I agree firefox is still a bit sluggish compared to chrome, but if you are getting 15-20 second startup times, something is wrong with your firefox install, that’s definitely not normal! Have you tried a clean install (clean profile)?

    Firefox has actually made significant improvements regarding startup time in recent releases. The main performance issue with firefox IMO, is the responsiveness of the interface. Tab animations often lags, the interface hitches under heavy load, under the same loads chrome or opera’s interface is perfectly responsive. They’ve made improvements in this area too, but its still not acceptable for me. The only machine I find firefox’s UI to feel “snappy” on is my gaming desktop with an i5-2500 and 16 gigs of ram, on my laptop I have to use chrome.

    Firefox’s startup time, page loading time, and javascript performance are all pretty decent in my experience though.

  • John O’Keefe

    I have to agree with the rest of the comments. I like firefox chrome and even opera. They are all great browsers, but this article was extremely biased. When you write a review, try to remember to not go in with presuppositions, do a little digging and give an informative overview of each feature your comparing.

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  • guest

    Firefox the best !!! :DD

  • David Tigress

    You make some good points about privacy but the rest of the article is such a biased rant it is hard to take seriously. I prefer chrome but it would be ridiculous to suggest Firefox isn’t also an excellent browser. Isn’t open source also about personal choice?

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  • TomP

    I think you’re right about this.

    I like both. But  I prefer current Firefox over Chrome because  I need many add-on features.
    Thank you.

  • devnet

    and opera beats both of these.

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  • Jamaah Alamudi

    come on, everyone also knew that Chrome was better in every way than firefox.

  • Lucija

     In my experience, Flash works poorly in Chrome. For example, videos sometimes become grey and unrensponsive. In firefox, I don’t have that problem.

    I use them both for testing. Chrome is faster for JS single page web applications, but lacks firebug….

  • Ravi kumar

     LOL!! I have installed Chrome! And what I get a not responding grey browser when browsing some video website!! At least firefox is doing much better than the chrome!! Firefox is best as compared to chrome except firefox start-up is slow. But i love firefox anyway!

  • Ravi kumar

    he is kidding……………….. 

  • Anonymous

    You’re on an open source platform–why wouldn’t you use Chromium? It’s open source AND doesn’t track you the way Google Chrome does. Google Chrome pulls from the Chromium builds anyhow…

  • Brian Bentsen

    Chromium lacks flash support? I’ve used Chromium for about a year now without a single flash playback issue – where are the flash videos I supposedly can’t play? And you can get pdf viewer addons for Chromium, or simply extract from Chrome and add it to Chromium. This blog post wasn’t an article, it was a biased and misinformed rant like so many useless forum posts where browser fanboys feel compelled to spread nonsense and ignorance, and now I remember why unixmen isn’t in my rss feed. No longer n bookmarks either.

  • ofd

    firefox made better score in pyhsedelic browsing on ubuntu :O

  • ofd

    firefox made better score in pyhsedelic browsing on ubuntu :O

  • Benoithubert

    Another article aiming to feed this ridiculous war between browser fanboys (and it seems to work !).
    Both Chrome and Firefox have their strengths and weaknesses, either for everyday browsing or for web development. I can tell you, just compare with IE (any version on any Windows version) and you’ll see that there’s no reason to complain about either Chrome or Firefox, after all…

  • Mayan Mint13

    I enjoy both i use Linux afterall i have one desktop with my fast Chrome and one with full addons Firefox, why to choose when i can use both of the world 

  • testing


  • Suraj Pratap

    startup time is same but the most important thing is firebug in chrome it has a lite version 

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  • El guest

     Article is just fine. I proffer Firefox, regarding printing, chrome has a terrible control, regarding css styles, firefox is by far better, finally, firefox is open source.
    So, on linux is by far preferable.

  • lol

    nonsense… chrome is part of the open source chromium project, by the way. chrome handles printing fine. firefox css styles do NOT make up for it’s performance shortcomings.

  • Hans Engelhardt

    I like Firefox more.

  • afzal khan

    now chrome 21 and chrome 22 beta is available. i think chrome is far better than firefox

  • some random guy

    I’d hate to make a war here, but Firefox DOES renders flash more smoothly and better,
    when I tried Chrome, Flash rendering usually crashed Chrome, or on worst cases my system
    Comming to sync issues, I do have some issues when russing JavaScripts in Chrome (regular Java test), it also keeps telling me that the current Java version is not the current one (does it count as sync issue?)

    Yes, Chrome may have an app tab, but the apps are not half of what FireFox ofrfers

    When speaking of .PDF, Firefox runs the PDF in other tab, while Chrome has to oppen Google Docs and run the PDF again

    and if you’re asking, yes, I tried both Firefox and Chrome on Windows (nhaven’t on Linux)

  • Eric

    I wish Firefox were as powerful as Chromium/Chrome for any OS. The real power of Chromium lies in it’s simplicity. Single search bar = one shortcut. Separated processes per tab = more stability. Notifications are great in Chromium, too.

    Firefox should take a hint from Chromium by adopting the multi-process architecture and merging the search/address bar. Notifications would be nice but once Unity’s new release comes, that shouldn’t really matter.

    I actually love Firefox and I check on it every 3 months, waiting patiently for it to catch up with Chromium. I guess I’ll have to keep waiting…

  • firefox

    Chrome displays many pages badly and is still laging. Firefox is working much better (E.g. Chrome lags when i want to want to write comment on facebook, and i have powerful computer)

  • manuel tondeur

    You mean Chromium is the source of Chrome right.
    And you realize it doesn’t mean Chrome is open-source right?
    Cause yes Chrome is closed-source, this is very well documented all over the internet.
    Also Chrome has spyware that Chromium doesn’t, so do you see how those projects are different now?

  • manuel tondeur

    Cause Chrome has spyware. That’s why you have to choose…
    Evilvor Free/open/community-based…
    Nah just kidding you don’t have to choose, just install Chromium, it’s Chrome without the spyware…

  • manuel tondeur

    1. The advertisement for the Chrome is right on the most visited page in the world, google.
    2. A fast nooby browser is perfect for the majority of people.
    3. Most reviews just play “neutral” by going with the masses/money and
    portraying Chrome as “the shit”, always omitting that it’s spyware.

    So of course it’s popular, but it doesn’t mean it’s good, at least not as
    good as a power user browser, not by a long shot. If it was, I’d be
    using Chromium right now, cause I research that kind of shit, and I use
    Chromium on my slow PC and it’s just not the same QUALITY.

    So the review gives little to Chrome because it sees little to give, it said
    it’s faster on loading time, and it’s pretty much the only reason to use
    it, which is correct.
    Please stop saying he’s biased, he didn’t get money from Mozilla ffs, he just
    has open-source/privacy/security/stability/features concerns that you
    may simply (likely) not share.

  • manuel tondeur

    I don’t know about multi-process (I really doubt it gives more stability btw) but if you’re right, it would be pretty good to try indeed. They’ll eventually make it happen if it’s that better. Actually I never compared a fresh install of FF and a Chromium but they say it’s practically even in speed.

    About the search bar, the FF address bar searches google as well as history, tabs and bookmarks (tabs from other synced computers and bookmarks from my android too).
    But if you’re waiting the massive (e.g. I never have less than 15 add ons, 10 plugins and 10 user scripts) FF to surpass the light Chromium (I never use its awful add ons except adblockplus) in speed, yeah you’ll wait forever cause FF is all about features, not speed.

  • manuel tondeur

    Yes it’s a shame that FF is still at 16 when Chrome is now at 21…
    I’m sorry but I’m almost certain that the version number is a deciding factor in your unconscious mind since it’s clearly what Google was going for by having these botch-like version names.

    My point is that your (everyone, mine included) opinion is influenced a LOT by the relentless marketing that the multi billionaire Google is capable of, starting with the Google start page, the most visited page on earth, asking you to install Chrome. I had to go to this review to be sure that it wasn’t actually true that Chrome is the way to go, I had to hear the opinion of a power-user. But you clearly didn’t listen what he said…

  • manuel tondeur

    My FF loads in 2-3 sec, Chromium starts in 1-1.5 sec (3 for fresh start).

    But that Chromium is a fresh install, from right before I wrote this.
    While my FF has 8 tabs, 7 app tabs, 19 add ons (2 disabled), 11 plugins and 12 user scripts that you could btw never find with the same quality for Chrome if you ever do find an alternative.

    So forget about RAM, I have no idea what kind of torture you’ve done to your poor FF but I recommend you end its misery now and reinstall completely.
    And about the already running FF, just retry like 2 seconds later, if still not closed, I recommend the same treatment, it’s clearly not normal. Same goes for your lock error since I have never even encountered it and I’ve used FF 6h/d every day for 10 years (2y under Linux).

  • Israel Lai

    Best biased article I’ve read.

  • Davide Nastri

    I think that this is a hot topic and that should handle such a thing with data and not “personal feelings” on how an interface is snappy or ram usage.
    I’d love to read the same post with data, benchmarks, screenshots.
    Do it unix style, please :)

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    I use Google Chrome its the best. Hit Ctrl + Esc, pages began to use too much RAM, so reload them:

  • Bucur Ciobanu

    Any idea how to update chromium in Ubuntu? Cos’ I am under the impression it is not automatically updated by Ubuntu 12.10.

  • Bucur Ciobanu

    Do you use Chromium in Linux? How can I update it? Some source server or .deb file?

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  • shotan723

    When I tested them with my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine, Chrome worked faster on boot up and searching.

  • sinekonata

    I believe it’s in the repos, I recall having updates for it when I still used it. I don’t know if your impression is correct. If you installed it without adding packages then it does update by itself…

  • sinekonata

    Ok how about you find me an extension for Chrome that detects what language I’m typing in and switches the spell-checker (native to my OS btw) to that language?
    Or maybe one that would allow me to integrate Chrome to Unity and allow me to use the Ubuntu HUD?
    Or one that allows me to change ALL my Chrome hotkeys?
    Maybe you have this one (not sure): an extension to help easily select the elements you want you adblock to take out.
    And does Chrome have the mouse gestures add-on I created specifically for some tasks last week in less than 2 hours with “add-on builder helper”?
    These are a few among the add-ons I use everyday and the other ones that were ported to Chrome are often poorly designed or like Adblock Plus, restricted by the Chrome API and Google’s policies (remember it’s an advertisement company)…

  • sinekonata

    How could you possibly know that, if they can make the statement that they won’t sell your info to reassure everyone while at the same time doing exactly so and not getting caught or banking on the “no one cares”, they will in a split second.

    And seriously, use your info “merely” to sell you ads, it’s already an outrage that you can do without and should.

    Google is an advertisement company, and if there had never been a non-profit organization like Mozilla to make Firefox into such a beast, there wouldn’t even be an AdBlock today, the mindset of the open-source community is precisely what made that happen and the concept would have been nipped in the bud by any corporation like Google, Apple or MS.
    The only reason that add-on was even reluctantly ported to Chrome is because adoption of the browser would have been stifled otherwise due to its immense popularity (most downloaded add-on on FF and Chrome). But remember that Google wants AdBlock dead as soon as it will have the leverage to do so: if Chrome ever becomes the new Windows IE for example… So never let that happen.

  • Stuart

    “Firefox yet again outshines Chrome on Ubuntu machine in startup time….” Definitely not in my personal experience, but I am actually comparing chromium against FF. Chromium loads up miles faster for me. Maybe because of my few addons? Download helper, downthemall, adblock plus, and firebug….