Chrome 9 is released! Top 5 features in the new chrome browser

Google finally released Google chrome 9 stable, 2 weeks later than it’s promised release-date. We have summarized top 5 must-try features in google-chrome-logothe new chrome!


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1.     1-WebGL: By far the most compelling feature of the newly released browser is the integration of WebGL in the browser. WebGL will enable developers to built 3-D graphics within the browser. WebGL is enabled by default in Chrome now.

2.     2-Google Instant: This feature will automatically load webpages as you type the URL in the addressbar. The option is turned off by default. You can turn it on by Options-> Check “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing”.


3.     3-Chrome Webstore: The Chrome Webstore  is now here for quite some time yet appeals masses with its over 100s of free and paid apps.  Though few of the web apps are optimized speciafically for chrome, many others can be used with their full potential for Firefox and safari. You can download web app, open it as new window or create shortcuts on desktop. Windows users can also pin web app to start-menu or create a quciklaunch icon for the webapp for quick and easy access.

4.      4- WebP files: WebP is new image format that offers better compression for images over the web. This implies that image file size (about 39.8 % smaller in size) will substantially reduce resulting in faster download rate while the picture quality is maintained. You can download the image converter from here:



5.      5-Cloud printing: With this feature you will be able to print from devices that cannot directly communicate with Printers.  Google on its official blog defined the functionality as “Cloud printing Allows printing from any app on any device, OS or browser without the need to install any software” The feature is called Cloud Printing. When released later this January, the support was limited for Windows OS only. To put it simply you will be able to print Google docs  or any other document from your smart phone.


  • DarkDuck

    Hope Chrome will be the most popular browser in the world soon!

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Sam

    Don`t forget Firefox, it is a powerful browser

  • Abe

    And why is that?

  • Thor K

    This browser is too tied to Google services for my comfort.

  • Carling

    Google is becoming another controller, controlling everything you do, I’ll stick with Firefox thank you

  • Zinovsky

    I agree.

  • heinrichs

    Google is evil – Boycott Chrome

    1 – WebGL (Hype Google)

    2 – Google Instant (Yeah, right)

    3 – Chrome Webstore (What a joke it is)

    4 – WebP files (Let’s reinvent the JPG?)

    5 – Cloud printing (You must be joking?)

    No one needs Google spying on them or their worthless "Cloud" apps.

    If you are dumb enough to use the garbage that is Google, have fun.

  • sarees

    WOW.. its awesome..

  • Beeej

    I dont understand why there are so many nasty comments but I would prefer Google to have control rather than Microsoft… So far Google has shown nothing but wonderful support to the software community….

  • Beeej

    BTW.. still a firefox user though.. :D

  • Sandeep

    Thanks for this great article!!

  • Sarath D

    Cloud Printing!!!Thanks for sharing!