Chive: A Web-based MySQL Database Management Tool

Chive: A Web-based MySQL Database Management Tool

Chive is a free, open source, web-based database management tool, designed to bring joy to web developers with easy administration, super fast UI and state of the art web technologies. We already have featured a web-based database management tool called Adminer in our previous article. Chive is a yet another alternative for phpMyAdmin and Adminer database management tools. If you are searching an alternative for phpMyAdmin and Adminer, then Chive is worth to give a try. You can find the detailed comparison between phpMyAdmin and Chive here.

Install ChiveĀ 

In order to install Chive, first you must install PHP with mysql support. If you’re using RHEL/CentOS based systems, follow the below link to install Apache, MySQL or MariaDB and PHP.

Install LAMP (Apache with MariaDB and PHP) on CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux 6

If you’re using Debian/Ubunutu systems, follow the below link.

Install LAMP Server (Apache, MySQL or MariaDB, PHP) On Ubuntu 13.10 Server

Download the latest Chive software from the official download page.

wget -O -|tar -xzp

The above command will download latest version of Chive project and extract it into a directory called Chive.

Copy the Chive folder to your apache root document folder.

On CentOS/RHEL Systems:

mv chive/ /var/www/html/chive

On Ubuntu/Debian Systems:

sudo mv chive/ /var/www/chive

Restart the apache service.

On RHEL/CentOS Systems:

service httpd restart

On Ubuntu/Debian Systems:

sudo service apache2 restart

Launch Chive

Now open up the browser and navigate to URL http://ip-address/chive or http://localhost/chive.

Enter the MySQL username and password.

Chive - Mozilla Firefox_001This is how Chive main console looks:

Chive - Mozilla Firefox_002That’s it. Now you can administer the MySQL/MariaDB databases using Chive tool.

  • sajjad

    Thank you. The amazing is, this project is generated by Yii php framework. So powerful and easy.

  • Mahesh Patil

    Interesting! Now there is something other than SQLyog (opensource) as Database management tool, Does Chive has all functionalities as of SQLyog like User Management, Table diagnostics, Form view etc..