Browser war heats up again as Chrome unseats IE for May 2012

Browser war heats up again as Chrome unseats IE for May 2012

Independent web analytics firm,StatCounter, confirms that Google web browser Chrome has finally unseated Microsofts Internet Explorer and acquired the status of most popular browser for the complete month of May 2012. Now Google Chrome is worlds top Internet  browser. Congratulations to Google and millions of fans of Chrome ( myself among them)!

Friday, 1st June, Stat Counter reported that keen speculations during the month of May 2012, reveal that Google’ Internet browser Chrome has finally surpassed the usage share of IE the default browser in Microsoft desktop OS for the complete month of May. Earlier in March, Chrome surpassed the usage share of IE for a full day and later achieved the weekly milestone on 21st May, emerging as the top browser for a week. Now, Google Chrome has defeated IE on monthly basis for the complete month May; that is, indeed a remarkable achievement.

The research firm reports that over 15 million pages have been viewed in the month of May worldwide from which 32.43% pages were viewed via Chrome browser while 32.12% from IE. Firefox lags behind with a mere 25.55%.  However, interestingly, IE remains dominant both in US and UK.
Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter commented on this milestone : “While attention has recently been focused on the battle between Chrome and IE, not-for-profit Mozilla’s Firefox with its loyal membership base should not be underestimated,” He further noted that an upswing of over 0.6% in Firefox usage from April to May 2012 (apparently at the expense of IE) helped to push Chrome into pole position. “The browser wars are back with a vengeance,” he added. “This time there are three major players competing for the top spot but, ultimately, the real winner will be the end user who can look forward to more choice and innovation as a result of this increased competition.”
The browser war previously fought between Chrome and Firefox has now advanced to Chrome vs. IE. Chrome being the  Champ in both the frontiers! Undoubtably it is remarkable how the browser has climbed the market share in just a matter of few years, thanks to its speed, sleek interface and millions of add ons and games in the webstore!

  • ArchaicReality

    I still dont see how IE is up there in rank. I know that FF is far more open sourced than Chrome but I mean IE is used as a stepping stone to get to another browser. In addition, IE is as about as useful as AOL 

  • openplus

    Still I am with firefox fast, secure and developer friendly

  • tracyanne

    Firefox is always my first choice. Fortunately I don’t need to use IE as a stepping stone to get Firefox. In fact I don’t even need to open a browser to install it.

  • fuyao

    I don’t care about this browser race. I don’t understand why people are into it. Maybe they’re blinded thinking Google serves their purpose. Google only got the upperhand because it’s using free advertisement at the frontpage of their popular search engine. But this blinded peope never think that EVIL Google use it just to track the user’s activity in the net and gather much information about you. For me, FF still offer better extensions for learning stuffs in the net.

  • m_goku

     Well, web developer would care for sure. Many will fine with both Chrome and FF, but IE is a real problem. If IE usage  got smaller, then web developer could start to ignore it . I think I am lucky, here in Indonesia, about 80% people use FF, so when I develop web, I give FF top priority.

  • Tim Zhu

    As a web developer myself, I’m glad that IE is getting trumped by other browsers.

  • Jarrod Mosen

    I don’t think you understand just how little of the populace has control over which browser they’re using/knows that there’s better out there. Think corporate workplaces sponsored by Microsoft, with thousands of IE-locked PCs. Most people I know couldn’t care less.

  • veggen

    Firefox, in my *controversial* opinion, lost all purpose to exist when a far superior in every regard alternative hit the scene. But my browser of choice will always be Opera – the
    that taught me how uncompromisingly mine can choices be (it doesn’t hide anything or force me into anything).

  • Keegan Choffat

    You don’t care about the browser race? but you then proceed to argue that Firefox has better extensions than chrome?

  • Henriquecofa

    Corporations and Home Desktops from those that don’t give up on WinXP still use it.

  • ip intel

    it makes sense … but for which is a site people use mostly from work
    what I see is very different … last week: FF: 50,156 , IE:  27,442 , CHROME:  23,421