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About the Unixmen Team

First   About  Unixmen . we are a  non-profit organization, composed of volunteers, developers  and unix administrators,  and we are  promoting free Solutions  about   Unix and  Linux issues,



M El Khamlichi –  Co-Founder and Partner

Role: Systems Administrator and Webmaster

Bio: Mel’s primary role for Unixmen is the Systems Administrator and Webmaster. Mel silently works in the background to ensure Unixmen runs smoothly and as fast as possible, all of the time. And when there is a problem with the server, it quickly becomes M.el’s problem to sort it out as quickly as possible.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mel.kham


Contact: webmaster@unixmen.com




M. Zinoune – Co-Founder and Partner

Role: Unixmen Global, Accounts and Design


Bio: M. Zinoune manages Accounts and Marketing for Unixmen. A very important role in ensuring that Unixmen stays viable and gets maximum exposure in all of the right places on the internet and social networks.

Contact: zinovsky@unixmen.com







Senthil Kumar (SK) – Editor

Role: Senior Member of Staff (Editor)


Bio: Senthil is the Senior Member and Staff Writer of Unixmen. A passionate Technical Writer of articles and tutorials on Linux and open-source software. Senthil is an important Staff Writer for Unixmen and as a Senior Member leads the way for our Technical Writers and is well respected among his fellow Unixmen colleagues and readers.

Contact: sk@unixmen.com


Oltjano Terpollari (Ambition)

Anis  majdoub (Anis)


We are always looking for more Technical Writers. If you are interested in writing for Unixmen, please email  webmaster@unixmen.com