4 nice themes for Gnome shell & Unity

If you are one of these people that like to change the look of their Linux desktop frequently, then this post is for you, i tried to list some nice themes that were updated the past few days. The themes are available for Gnome shell and Unity desktop.




1- White Aqua

This theme is for Gnome shell and Cinnamon Desktop.

2- OMG Suite:

This theme is combination of my Colors and Silent Night gtk2 themes with some extra touch.The suite contains following themes:

-GTK3 (three versions)
-GTK2 (three versions)
-Metacity (two versions-right and left side buttons)

3- Blue Wave (Unity)

This is a nice theme for Unity Desktop

4- Hybrid Man

If you like crazy colors, then this theme is for you :)

If you know more nice themes, please share them in comments, thanks

  • kapz

    How did you manage to put the taskbar at the bottom?

  • zinovsky

    For Ubuntu, to move unity to the bottom check our previous post : http://www.unixmen.com/move-unity-launcher-to-the-bottom-with-unity-bottom-launcher-ppa-ubuntu/
    For the other screenshots, you can use Cinnamon if you want to have the taskbar on the bottom.http://www.unixmen.com/cinnamon-1-4-has-been-released-ppa/

  • Michael ZHANG