Bodhi Linux 1.4.0 has been released! | Screeshots tour

Bodhi Linux 1.4.0 has been released, in this quarter update,  Enlightenment has been built from a fresh SVN pull from March 20th and the default Midori browser has been updated to the latest version, a more current build of Linux Kernel ( 3.2.0-19 ), software in repositories were updated to the latest version (Firefox11, chromium 17, LibreOffice3.5…) , also this release comes with some minor improvement, this include include resolving an issue that had prevented PCManFM’s application menu from working, E17’s everything module calculator feature now works out of the box and more.

Find more in details in the release announcement.

Download Bodhi Linux 1.4.0



  • El Achèche ANIS


    Why every time there is a new release of any Linux distribution you write about it!! But when there is a new release of Sabily(Ubuntu Muslim Remix) you don’t write any thing about it!!??

  • Alius Panfilovas

    “Why every time there is a new release of any Linux distribution you write about it!!” – bullshit, they do maybe 1 of 50.
    Sabily is just another (from hundrets) Ubuntu derivative that makes no sense to review it…

  • Alius Panfilovas

    Whats the story with those walking penguins, where can i get them?

  • Bill_Toulas
  • Guest13

     could be better.

  • Abinadi

     They never review the Christian or Jewish themed distros either habibi or any other such distro why should the Muslim buntu be any different?

  • Guest13

     Calm down guys, there is no review about Ubuntu Christian and Satanic edition too. If Bodhilinux using unity as default desktop, maybe unixmen not review this distro.

  • Jeff Hoogland

     If you are using E17 simply load the “penguins” module.

  • Jah-Fou

     Simple. Muslims were responsible for 9/11 and Unixmen is out for vengeance Allahdamnit!!
    Seriously though, lighten up.