Now Battle of Wesnoth 1.10 comes with New Campaign and Features

The Battle of wesnoth just got a lot tougher, compelling and better, as this fascinating game got its latest stable release- Battle of Wesnoth 1.10. With newer features and Campaigns will continue to fascinate Battle of Wesnoth fans.

What Battle of Wesnoth is all about

Developed by David White, the philosophy of the game is for each player to capture ‘The throne of Wesnoth’. To achieve this, you can recruit and build war-veterans, choose specialists with strengths for various terrains whom you can call to action in varying terrains, at higher game-levels, to help you regain the throne.

The compulsion with Battle of Wesnoth is that the whole game is played as a saga. You begin your journey as a young officer who begins his quest with battling orcish tribes, face the wrath of horde of warriors set up by a necromancer… and unlimited experiences as you overcome one story after the other.

The game has two hundred types of unis and growing, a total of sixteen races, about six important factions, and tells the story of several years. So why the game is fascinating and acquiring fans by the hundreds is that you can build custom units, build new maps, construct own scenarios as well as campaigns. The best part is that you can challenge eight other players and engage in unending multiplayer battles.

Google Summer of Code resulted in some awesome new features

The developers of the game have noted that the Google Summer of Code Projects from 2010 to 2011 has resulted in some great new features that better your gaming experience.

A new whiteboard will allow you to visualize your army building process- recruitment, attacks or movement.  There is scope for visualization of the plans to fight with other multiplayer games. The battlefield has also become ‘beautiful’ with – new terrain types, volcanoes, new embellishments, redrawn grasslands, completely redrawn battlefields. Units such as the Saurians have received a tweak and they have become more animated. Water too has movement features that makes the entire game more fascinating and gives a greater gaming experience.

New on version 1.10 is the rebirth of old Northerners theme and the addition of two new tracks the Battle of Epic and the Silvan Sanctuary.

New loaded Campaigns

Dead Water is a new campaign, where the player becomes a young merman who becomes a contender to the throne. So, as a young valiant aspirant you will have to protect and save your people from some undead invasion.

Dead Water was also worked upon at Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project to get it ready for Delfador’s Memoirs inclusion. Other campaigns have also received updates and other improvements. Legend of Wesmere gets a more dynamic gameplay and some great mechanics.

To install the latest release via the PPA in Ubuntu (Precise, Oneiric, Natty, Maverick, Lucid) and LinuxMint, use the following PPA:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vincent-c/wesnoth
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wesnoth-1.10


  • Ash Mohatt

    This is one of the better (best) games on Linux. I have enjoyed many hours of playing Battle of Wesnoth. 

  • MB

    Works great, thank you. 

  • erdragon

    Despite some good work on music and graphics, wesnoth is the most annoying game ever invented. One of the biggest deceitfulness is the clueless claim to be a strategic game, while it is only a chance based board, something between gambling and card games.

    And no more interest can be added trying the online game, because the worst is the ‘community’, you have the feeling that this is some social experiment to measure how much impolite thing can go on.  What can be the usage of a social experiment is another question ;-)))

  • Aasdfas

    I agree with you completely. Though the game does correctly assess the probability of combat outcomes, if one were to assess the game design and the variance of those outcomes, it becomes quickly apparent that the game is more random than a strategist would like. On one end of the scale, games like ‘go’ and ‘chess’ are determined almost purely by logical talent and knowledge of the game; on the other are games like a slot machine, where you pull a lever with almost no talent and hope for the best. As you have stated, Battle for Wesnoth is closer to the latter. That is not to say that the game is not strategic and somewhat fun, but I do agree that the variance is too high to call it a strategy game outright. It is most assuredly more of a gambling game.

    I also agree about the community. I have very little experience playing online, but I tried a few games and after a few turns almost everyone that I played raged/quit after a few turns. It’s pretty annoying. I don’t mind the single-player campaigns, though. I think the game is somewhat fun in that respect, but only on the hardest setting.  I wish there were more orc campaigns, and not so many of the elf campaigns. Anyway, thanks for giving an honest post about the game. Lastly, I made a suggestion to the developers via email and they were extremely rude to me. Well, at least the game is free!

  • vinayak

    I used to play battle of wesnoth few years ago but now I dont have that version to play which I had earlier it was so great I remember in it we had to take a type of egg and throw it in the opponents area it was a type of football match I want that version again can you help me please :)