Fedora17 Beefy Miracle release Schedule

Fedora17 codename Beefy Miracle will be released in May 2012, bellow is the complete release schedule.

Planning & Development Begins

2012-01-24     Feature Submission Deadline
2012-02-07     Feature Freeze–Planning & Development Ends
2012-02-07     Branch Fedora 17 from Rawhide– Branch Freeze
2012-02-14     Software String Freeze
2012-02-14     Alpha Change Deadline
2012-02-28    Alpha Release
2012-03-13     Software Translation Deadline
2012-03-20     Beta Change Deadline
Features 100% Complete
2012-04-03    Beta Release
2012-04-23    Final Change Deadline
2012-04-24    Compose ‘Final’ RC
2012-05-08    Fedora 17 Final Release

  • Leslie Satenstein

    As always, (for the past 6 years) Fedora will be an unplanned two to three weeks late. But do not blame the project manager, it is just the way it is.

    Therefore, be patient, as it is better for Fedora to be a little late than to post a flawed version.

    If the /usr changes take place, the best thing to do is to backup /home and perform a fresh installation.