Fedora17 Beefy Miracle release Schedule

Fedora17 codename Beefy Miracle will be released in May 2012, bellow is the complete release schedule.

Planning & Development Begins

2012-01-24     Feature Submission Deadline
2012-02-07     Feature Freeze–Planning & Development Ends
2012-02-07     Branch Fedora 17 from Rawhide– Branch Freeze
2012-02-14     Software String Freeze
2012-02-14     Alpha Change Deadline
2012-02-28    Alpha Release
2012-03-13     Software Translation Deadline
2012-03-20     Beta Change Deadline
Features 100% Complete
2012-04-03    Beta Release
2012-04-23    Final Change Deadline
2012-04-24    Compose ‘Final’ RC
2012-05-08    Fedora 17 Final Release

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