How To Easily Manage SSH/Telnet Connections With PAC Manager


PAC, Perl Auto Connector, is a Perl/GTK replacement for SecureCRT/PuTTY etc. (Linux SSH/Telnet). It provides a GUI to configure connections, users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros etc.


1. Unique Linux application to implement SecureCRT’s functionality

2. Remote and local macros

3. Remotely send commands with EXPECT regexp

4. Cluster connections!! Connections on same cluster share keystrokes

5. Scripting support

6. Serial/tty connection via cu/tip/remote-tty connections

7. Pre/post connections local executions

8. TABS OR WINDOWS for connections

9. Proxy support

10. KeePass integration

11. Wake On LAN capabilities

12. Possibility to split terminals in the same TAB

13. Quick access to configured connections via tray menu icon

14. Best Linux GUI for SSH, Telnet, SFTP, rdesktop, VNC, cu, remote-tty, FTP, etc

15. DEB, RPM & .TAR.GZ packages available

16. FREE (GNU GPLv3)


Install PAC Manager On Ubuntu/Debian

Download the latest version from

$ wget

Install it using command:

$ sudo dpkg -i pac-

If you run into any dependencies issues, run the following command to fix them:

$ sudo apt-get -f install

Now PAC manager has been installed.

Launch PAC

Open up PAC from your Dash or Menu. The main window of PAC manager will look like below.

PAC (v4.5.2.3)_001

Create New Connection

Click on the New Connection icon in the top left of PAC window.

PAC (v4.5.2.3)_001

Enter the Name and Title for the new connection. For instance, I am going to connect to my remote client running with Fedora 19 via SSH.

PAC (v4.5.2.3)_002

First you should select the connection method from the Method drop down box. There are many connection methods available such as FTP, SFTP, SSH, RDP, RDESKTOP and VNC etc. The default method is SSH. Then enter the ip address of your remote system. Enter the user name and password of your system. Finally click on Save and Close.

PAC (v4.5.2.3)_002

Now the remote node will be added under Connections tab in the PAC main window.

Connect to Remote Host

Select the remote node that you want to access and click Connect.

PAC (v4.5.2.3)_006

Now you will able to connect to your remote host. In my case, I am accessing my remote client Fedora 19 via SSH using PAC manager.

PAC (v4.5.2.3)_007

This tool is ideal for one who manage large number remote systems.