Compete in Rigs of Rods Multiplayer!

Rigs of Rods is one of the most amazing open source simulation projects that we reviewed a while ago. It is distinguished for its vehicle plethora and the realism of the vehicles body movement and damage.

For some time now, players could connect together on-line and perform cooperative tasks or play with the interaction of their vehicles in many interesting ways. What took the multiplayer to a whole new level is the new exciting racing activities that are now organized between players!

All you need to do in order to participate is to download the game and then get some extra race terrains from this repository. Note that not all terrains offer online races set-up, meaning that your scores will not be added to any scoreboard if you race in such. Some examples are the Zesas, Semois rallyLone peak – hill climb, IslandLadoga Offroad Challenge, Bajarama, F1 tracks and many more

Next thing you’ll need to do is to register on the forums with the name you want to participate on the races. If you already have one skip this step and proceed with adding your Usertoken to the Configurator under the “Settings” and “Gameplay” tabs.

After all this you can race and after a while your race lap time will be added on the respective list.

Happy competitive racing everyone!

Rigs of Rods Multiplayer