Yoper 2010 in KDE

Tobias Gerschner has announced the release of Yoper Linux 2010, an independently developed distribution optimised for desktop use: “After an extended RC1 period and a few hiccups with our main server we are finally happy to announce the immediate availability of Yoper Linux 2010. The RC2 feedback was a big thumps up from all sides. So what’s in it? A well-tuned 2.6.33 kernel with focus on desktop interactivity and rich driver functionality. For those who look at gaining an extra inch of interactivity get the kernel-bfs package installed. It contains an alternative CPU scheduler which is aimed at the average desktop CPU, instead of the broad range of CPUs the main kernel scheduler has to support. The release is available with the following desktop environments: KDE 4, KDE 3, LXDE and XFCE.” Here is the brief release announcement. Download (MD5) the CD image with your preferred desktop environment: YOPER-2010-KDE4.iso (675MB), YOPER-2010-KDE3.iso (555MB), YOPER-2010-LXDE.iso (378MB), YOPER-2010-XFCE.iso (354MB).



Some  shouts from  Yoper  2010 KDE4

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