Wave 1.1- A nice Theme for Gnome

Wave GTK theme is inspired with google wave interface, and this is my take to bring it to GTK. Theme needs pixbuf engine, so make sure you have that installed.Theme comes with two different Metacity theme, default one on screenshot1, and rounded on screenshot2.

In this realese version changes are as follows: Metacity theme from 3rd screenhot now is default Metacity theme,to give you guys better experience.Also Inactive window now has different color for easier recognition of active and inactive windows, if text in inactive window is not redable enough, I can change it.Two extra Meatcity theme are in tarball and renamed to WaveClassic, and WaveRounded.Next of the changes are scrollbars, they still have tin style,( I like scrollbars unobtrusive and there when you need them).Now they are more visible with blue color. See first screenshot.


Download the theme from here :



Source : gnome-look.org

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