Watch TV online for free with Tivion -447 channels from 64 countries-

Tivion 0.0.3 codenamed “Opiron” is the latest version of Tivion, a Linux application for watching TV online for free . Tivion plays  streaming TV and radio channels available for the moment, 447 channels from 67 countries.


What`s new in Tivion 0.0.3 :

* Add experimental support for jaunty
* Added combobox for channel filter
* Upgrade with 447 channels from 64 countries
* Added -c or -channel-list for dump the full list of channels
* Added translation of GUI on the fly
* Improve the configuration window with screenshot folder option
* Expand row channel when click on name
* Sync of translations for many languages

See the complete list of channels by country


Install Tivion 0.0.3 in Karmic :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shakaran/ppa


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tivion

For other ubuntu distribution :

Tivion 0.0.3

Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04

i386: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~jaunty_i386.deb (57)

i386 changes: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~jaunty_i386.changes (8)

amd64: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~jaunty_amd64.deb (12)

amd64 changes: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~jaunty_amd64.changes (3)

source: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~jaunty.tar.gz (7)

dsc: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~jaunty.dsc (2)

Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

i386: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~karmic_i386.deb (100)

i386 changes: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~karmic_i386.changes (7)

amd64: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~karmic_amd64.deb (52)

amd64 changes: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~karmic_amd64.changes (10)

source: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~karmic.tar.gz (6)

dsc: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~karmic.dsc (2)

Ubuntu Lucid 10.04

i386: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~lucid_i386.deb (11)

i386 changes: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~lucid_i386.changes (3)

amd64: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~lucid_amd64.deb (3)

amd64 changes: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~lucid_amd64.changes (2)

source: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~lucid.tar.gz (4)

dsc: tivion_0.0.3-0ubuntu1~lucid.dsc (2)

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