verry Special themes for ubuntu Nov-I-

Here are some nice themes for Ubuntu

Peace Ubuntu

gtk theme : clearlooks
icons : docang
mouse : aero
emerald : white glass
gdm : simple elegance
splash : metal



Theme2 :   Dark Ubuntu

gtk theme : darkice
icons : linxblack or blendcrystal
mouse : dmz black
emerald : blackcentered
gdm : black
splash : black

Theme3  : New Ubuntu

gtk theme : human
icons : elephant or crashbit
mouse : default
emerald : human tiger or new human
gdm : orange
splash : gusty



gtk theme : vista
icons : noveu or clearlooks
mouse : aero
emerald : aero
gdm : vista
splash : vista

OSX Leopard

mac project

Please  Enjoy ,  and  ask  for  any  question you  have .

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