Use your ubuntu as a media center with Moovida

Moovida is what used to be called elisa,it is an open source cross-platform media center solution designed to be simple for people not particularly familiar with computers.
By bringing together all your movies, TV shows, tunes and photos in one simple innovative interface.
More than that, Moovida brings you the best of internet video, music and images to play on your HDTV, laptop or PC.

To install moodivia, first add repository :

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

For ubuntu Jaunty, add this 2 lines at the end of the list :

 deb jaunty main 
 deb-src jaunty main 

For Interpid  add these line :

deb intrepid main 
deb-src intrepid main 

Now add the verification key :

sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver e478bb3b6bcd9f67c5137df13135cd5c26c2e075

Then type :

sudo apt-get update

Now install moovida

 sudo apt-get install moovida

and is done

See demonstration of moovida in this video :

[youtube: 500 400]

  • Joe Hula

    Just install Mandriva, Comes pre-installed and works out of the box. This way you get a better Linux OS and a media center too.

  • Anonymous

    Moovida is very unstable. I had to remove it. :roll:

  • Bob

    Also had some stability issues. I am sticking with mythtv frontend and backend for now. If only it had a decent music player!


  • Lazza

    Better OS? Nice, stupid distro war.
    Mandriva is good, definitely. But Ubuntu is excellent. Did you ever heard about a system that just works? That’s Ubuntu (or a lot of other Debian-based), not Mac. :)
    C’mon, enjoy Linux as it is, don’t try to fight your friends. :wink:

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