Upgrading from Fedora 7/8/9 to 10


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**Note: It’s always a good idea to back up all important data before upgrading.

Fedora is using Preupgrade to easily upgrade your installation to the new release by downloading the new packages through Internet without having to download and burn a cd/dvd. Preupgrade resolves all dependencies, downloads the needed packages, configures grub and finally asks the user just to reboot to complete the upgrade. Make sure that you have a fully updated system and after that install and run Preupgrade by typing:


su -c ‘yum update’
yum install preupgrade

su -c ‘yum update’ yum install preupgrade preupgrade

Select Fedora 10 and after a while you’ll be asked to reboot in your upgraded Fedora 10 system!

If you were using the RPM Fusion Repository it should have been updated to the RPM Fusion repository by now. But if you haven’t done so it will also be updated along with the whole system update.