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Canonical launches Ubuntu One private beta. This storage and file sharing offers a free 2 GB or 10 GB for $ 10.

a few days, members and developers Official Ubuntu community were surprised to receive in their mailbox, an e-mail invitation to test the new online service offered by the company Canonical, to origin of the famous Linux distribution.  Called Ubuntu One is available at ubuntuone.com, it consists of a Web service for storing and sharing files for users of free operating system.

After online registration, the user can install a small software agent on their desktop Ubuntu, it will synchronize files between his job and service online or share files with other Ubuntu users.

“After installing the agent, we see a new folder called Ubuntu One, in its file browser. This consists of two files: a My Files folder, to save personal files, which will be replicated on the online service. And a folder shared with me, where you can drop the files you want to share with other users, “says Nicolas Barcet, product manager of Ubuntu Server from Canonical.

A private beta which could become public during the summer

For now, Ubuntu One is accessible to members and developers of the official Ubuntu (a few hundred people in France) or by invitation. But the opening of a public release could take place very quickly, before the end of the summer. For those interested, simply leave your e-mail to the site to be notified of the opening of the service.For now, the software agent replication only works on Ubuntu in its latest version (9.04). And nothing says that other platforms will be supported.

However, those who use other operating systems (OS) can still use this service in its web version, since the files will be accessible online as a Google Docs or Skydrive from any position and no any browser. Side price, the free version is limited to a storage space of 2 GB, while a paid version offers 10 GB for $ 10 per month.

What lies behind Ubuntu One?

This service is not really innovative as it competes with another, similar, called Dropbox, far more successful and the paid version which is cheaper (50 GB for 9.99 dollars per month) and sending all Linux but also Windows and Mac. So why put on the market such a tool? For Christophe Sauthier, President of the Ubuntu-fr and manager of the Target SS2L Libre, “the goal is for Canonical to show that it is possible to power of cloud computing services with Ubuntu.Because Ubuntu One use Ubuntu, and all associated tools » .

No doubt also that the service should grow quite quickly! “Our strategy is to add functions to the use of an online desktop.” So soon a virtual desktop Ubuntu online? To be continued …

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