Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Gets New Lock Screen

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Gets New Lock Screen

Ubuntu 14 04 lock screen1

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as we can see now, is getting more beautiful and interesting as it approaches few weeks to final release. :-D. Am sure most veteran fans of Ubuntu will be happy with this.

This video by Marco Trevisan Direct link sums all.

via Marco Trevisan (Google +)

  • Bleno Nascimento

    very cool. when will be available to download?

  • William Baldwin

    Ok so I have the beta now, installed Ubuntu 13.10 then upgraded to 14.04 LTS. Once a week I Sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade as usual per my update schedule for Ubuntu. Sooo my problem is this, I installed the LXDE environment for Lubuntu because, 1. I like LXDE. 2. My laptop it is on has an AMD APU E series. EG. Equivalent of the Celeron line from Intel. Sooo at login I selected LXDE. Now the Unity environment is not listed to go back….. on the “orb” that you select your enviroment drop down, it is LXDE, and Openbox, but Unity is not listed… I did NOT uninstall Unity also.

    P.S. Can someone tell me what “openbox” actually is?