Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx beta1 Screenshots tour

Ubunutu 10.04 TLS Lucid Lynx has been released today, here it is a screenshots tour of the new beta release .

Click on screenshots for full size view















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  • Standby

    Looks nicer than karmic

  • Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy

    I simply cannot understand the reason why Ubuntu should go the mac way with left-hand side close and minimise module?

    Or, is it a user preference?

  • PhillipB

    Ubuntu Tweak allows you to control the layout of the close, minimise and maximise buttons. This is all part of the Metacity Window Manager preferences. This is possible on older versions of Ubuntu as well.

  • http://sphere-framework.com Harold

    It’s just a theme – unlike windows, or OSX, you can easily customize the entire look. Window borders and titlebars are one of the easiest things to change, several different styles are included right out of the box. That’s the beauty of it, you’re not restricted to having titlebar buttons on either the left or the right – you can have them wherever you like!

  • http://www.juegos.gs GS

    Didn’t tested Lucid Lynx yet but doesn’t look back. I like the changes.

  • Chris K

    The new version boots real fast. From the time I turn on the switch until I’m online is a mere 54 seconds. Thats using a wifi card on an 8 year old laptop.

  • http://mindaict.blogspot.com gldsnpr

    my compaq presario v3000 boots in merely 17 secs. AND once i got 12 secs…. but then i installed laptop-mode-tools and now i got 42 secs… huh!!!

  • Anonymous

    The button arrangement is the new Ubuntu default. According to Shuttleworth, it’s not up for discussion. However, with a little googling and a trip to the terminal, you can change them to any arrangement you like

  • Zinovsky

    Do you have an Nvidia card? Do you got a black screen when you try to install ?

  • paxo

    [quote=gldsnpr]my compaq presario v3000 boots in merely 17 secs. AND once i got 12 secs…. but then i installed laptop-mode-tools and now i got 42 secs… huh!!![/quote]

    Hi, i cannot install ubuntu 10.04 in my compaq v3000
    how do you make it?

    I think the trouble is with the video card.


  • paxo

    Yes i have Nvidia and yes i got a black screen or pixelized screen with dots of all colors (fuzzy)

    ¿Can you help me to install Lucid Linx?

  • paxo

    Remember that one most beautyful feature in Ubuntu is tweak all visual look.

    If you dont like the left-side controls, you can change the theme of your windows.

  • Zinovsky

    I had this issue before with Jaunty and karmic and i resolved it by starting Ubuntu live cd in safe mode, now with Lucid is different so you have to follow these steps :
    Run the live cd and at the install screen press F6 and select nomodeset and install Ubuntu as usual.
    – On first boot after install, press e on getting the GRUB bootloader.
    – Using arrow keys navigate to and delete quiet and splash and type the word nomodeset in their place
    – Press Ctrl and X to boot
    – You should now be able to login to your Ubuntu as usual
    Now after you Login to Ubuntu Go to System->Administration->Hardware drivers in your taskbar and activate the nvidia current driver

    This will activate th Nvidia driver.
    Now reboot.

  • paxo

    Thanks for you answer
    I will try and report…

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