Turn your old computer into a music server with VortexBox Linux

VortexBox is a free, open source (GPL v3), quick-install ISO that turns your unused computer into an easy-to-use music server/jukebox. Once VortexBox has been loaded on an unused PC, it will automatically rip CDs to FLAC and MP3 files, ID3 tag the files , and download the cover art. Vortexbox will then serve the files to network  media players such as Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos, or Linn. The music files can also be streamed to a Windows or Mac OSX system.


  • Convert an old PC to a CD ripper / jukebox / NAS in 15 minutes.
  • Based on Fedora so it’s easy to modify.
  • Automatically tags all files from online music database.
  • Automatically downloads the cover art.
  • Automatic sharing of file to SMB (Microsoft) file shares.
  • Automatic re-indexing Squeezebox Server  after every CD is ripped.
  • AppleTalk – for OSX or Bonjour for Windows.
  • DAAP – Automatically shares all MP3s for streaming to iTunes and Roku Soundbridge.
  • NFS – For Linux boxes and almost anything else, Solaris etc.
  • DLNA – ushare pre-installed to support DLNA players, XBOX 360, etc.
  • Easy installation of mplayer for AlianBBC support.
  • Good support for Sonos.
  • Works well as a backend server for XBMC (XBOX Media Center) running on XBOX, Widnows, OSX, AppleTV, or Linux.

Latest release of VortexBox is 1.2 and was released yesterday 09-03. Read the announcement


The installation of VortexBox is easy and are just four steps ( See steps described in screenshots bellow) .

Click on the screenshots for full size

Select the time  zone

Type the root password

Installing …..

After the installation, the machine reboot and give will this message

Now you have to connect to the host machine (Your Music server) by typing http://ip-adress (Ip adress of your music server) and dont forget to configure or to disable the ip4table.

Now you can check and configure your Music server

Click on the screenshot for full size

Usefull Links : http://vortexbox.org/

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  • Bob

    Thanks, I am using VortexBox as a NAS for both my Sonos and Logitech SqueezeBox and it work great.

  • Bas

    I only have to express my warmest contratulations to PIRAT9 and ZINOVSKY for their superb work to inform us about any LINUX evolution. Keep going comrades!!!

  • http://gnuski.blogspot.com lefty.crupps

    I don’t think this uses AppleTalk “or Bonjour for Windows”. Bonjour (aka mDNS aka ZeroConf aka Avahi) is a simple networking protocol supported (with addons) by all major OSes. AppleTalk may also be supported by all, but its a *very old* and rather useless networking technology, back when things like TolkienRing was in use. Ethernet overtook those networking protocols, and Avahi/mDNS/ZeroConf runs over Ethernet.

    But, hey, maybe it does do AppleTalk, I don’t know. Looks like a handy server though; can you set the quality settings for the mp3s that it rips? Can you label those that don’t have CDDB entries?

  • someguy

    Perhaps you meant TOKEN ring? You watch too many movies! :wink:

  • http://www.itcomputerservers.com Servers

    I hate Bonjour. Apple keeps creeping it on my computer/server on a regular basis.

  • http://www.itcomputerservers.com Servers

    it looks like a dino-[url=http://www.itcomputerservers.com]server[/url] – nothing like new servers:D

  • giles

    so easy. we have one at work – it’s a peach.

  • http://seo.charitycambodia.com Charity Camboida

    I think I might try installing this later. Looks like a pretty nifty solution.