Howto Turn on Num lock automatically every time you restart you computer

If you use the numeric keypad a lot,  and you got tired from turning on the num lock on every time you restart the computer. The solution is that you need to install faqnumlockx,  a tool that enable the keyboard’s Numeric Lock during X11 session initialization.

Installation in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install numlockx

For Fedora/ Centos and RHEL

yum install numlockx -y

– For Slackware check this Link

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  • gurzov

    много добра информация,благодаря

  • Joseph

    Or, if you’re using a desktop with lots of options like KDE, you don’t need to install anything at all. :-) In the KDE settings dialog, Select "Input devices" and there’s an option called "Numlock on KDE startup" that you can set to yes, no, or leave unchanged.

  • woohoo

    or, you can turn it on in your BIOS, baby!

  • P B Symes

    An install in ubuntu 12.04 works from the command line but not on system startup, even if placed in the startup apps preferences box.

  • Janmagne

    install numlockx doesn’t help at all in linux mint 9.I have checked bios, and it’s on there. Is there another way to fix thix this?