TrueCrypt- make your data safe

TrueCrypt is a software application used for real-time on-the-fly encryption. It is distributed without cost, and has source code available, although under a restrictive license. It can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file or a device-hosted encrypted volume on either an individual partition or an entire storage device. It supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (using FUSE) and encrypted volumes can be made portable. TrueCrypt is distributed under the TrueCrypt Collective License.




i  have  installed   this  cool  soft  on my  ubuntu 9.10 machine , and  its  workingt  Great ,

lets  show you how  i did   this

after  accept  the  license , The  software  will  be  installed  under  application?accessoires


now  start   the  program :

now  Create  Volume :

Next  to  create  a Encrypter File  container

chose Standart Trycrypt volume > next

Select  File  that  will  be  contaning  all  your  Crypted  Data

Chose your  Encyption Methode >next

Chose Volume  size > next

make  a password of The  volume >Next


Chose  File  system  files >Next

Chose to mount  The  volume in Linux  for  example> Next

You can  format  The volume

You  are at  the  final  step


Now  everything is  Ok. you  can  Browse  the  files  in   /media/trycrypt1


any  questions>!!!?? please post it in the  froum , and have  a nice  day

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