Tinyme Linux- A tiny OS for old computers

TinyMe is a lightweight PCLinuxOS-based operating system, replacing KDE with the smaller and faster Openbox window manager. TinyMe is aimed at making the computing experience as bloat- and lag-free as possible. It is well-suited to older computers, enthusiasts devoted to small/fast systems, or users who just want a minimal environment. TinyMe is comparable to other mini Linux distributions like Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux and Feather Linux.


The distribution produces two Live CD ISO images. The larger, codenamed “Acorn”, is a 200 MB ISO image. The other, “Droplet”, is a 150 MB ISO image. Both can be installed onto a hard drive or a USB flash drive.


TinyMe 2010 RC1 is the latest test release. TinyMe comes as a small, 200MB ISO, it provides tools for most of your everyday wants and needs:

  • Kernel
  • SLiM logs you in
  • Pragha, audio player
  • AbiWord, a light and fast yet powerful word processor
  • Midori, web browser
  • Ayttm, instant chat client. Handles IRC, AIMICQ, Jabber, LiveJournal, MSN, Yahoo, and even can send e-mails via SMTP.
  • Osmo, personal information manager
  • Sylpheed, e-mail client
  • Viewnior, image viewer
  • Recorder, disk burner
  • Asunder, a CD ripper
  • MtPaint, a basic image editor (also takes screenshots)
  • MEdit, a tabbed text editor
  • MuPDF, a very small PDF viewer
  • Conky, a small system monitor
  • Parcellite, a very small clipboard utility
  • TightVNC Viewer, view the screen of another computer over a network
  • Tilda, a Quake-esque terminal similar to Yakuake– just press F12 (F1 in the root account1)) to pull down from the top of your screen!

Here are some screenshots of TinyMe 2010 RC1

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