6 Things to do after installing Ubuntu9.10 Karmic Koala

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic koala will be released in few hours,  after you install karmic or upgrading, you will need to add some softwares, repositories,  you can also make the look of karmic better by adding cairo dock menu for example. You can always add more themes , see this article : Great themes for Ubuntu9.10 Karmic koala

Here are things i see are important to do after installing Ubuntu karmic Koala :

1- Add Medibuntu repositories :

Medibuntu is a packaging project dedicated to distributing software that cannot be included in Ubuntu for various reasons, related to geographical variations in legislation regarding intellectual property, security and other issues. by adding Medibuntu repostories you will be able to install many softwares like Google-Earth , opera ,Win32codecs , Msfonts  and more by the normal command :

sudo-apt-get install <software-name>

Click here and Follow the steps to add medibuntu repostories to ubuntu 9.10 karmic Koala in my previous post.

2- Install PlayOnLinux :

PlayOnLinux is a piece of sofware which allows you to easily install and use numerous games and softwares designed to run with Microsoft®’s Windows®.
You can install many windows games like callofduty, doom ,…. Msfonts ,Itune ,Microsoft office 2007 (see our howto install MS office 2007 using playonlinux)

You can install playonlinux from Ubuntu software center


Or by using the command :

sudo apt-get install playonlinux

3- Enchance launch-bar menu in karmic with cairo-dock :

Cairo-Dock is an animated application launch bar for the desktop, comparable to the dock in Mac OS X or Rocket Dock (for Windows).  It is compatible with Compiz, but it can also run without a composite manager . Cairo-Dock can run under GNOME, KDE and XFCE.

Open the terminal and copy and past the command bellow :

sudo -v


echo "deb http://repository.cairo-dock.org/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) cairo-dock ## Cairo-Dock-Stable" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list 
wget -q http://repository.cairo-dock.org/cairo-dock.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Update the installation :

sudo apt-get update  

Now install cairo-dock :

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

4- Add screenlets to your Desktop :

Screenlets are small owner-drawn applications that can be described as “the virtual representation of things lying/standing around on your desk”. Sticknotes, clocks, rulers, … the possibilities are endless. The goal of the Screenlets base-classes is to simplify the creation of fully themeable mini-apps that each solve basic desktop-work-related needs and generally improve the usability and eye-candy of the modern composited Linux-desktop.

sudo apt-get install screenlets

Read more in our previous article


5- Ubuntu Gaming made easy with PlayDeb

If you are a fun of gaming so is important to add Playdeb repositories to your Karmic koala. Playdeb is a gaming repository for Ubuntu – aimed to provide titles already available on getdeb.net in an easier to install and update format. You can install many games by a simple click

Please see how to add playdeb.net repository in this link : Ubuntu Gaming made easy with PlayDeb

6- Important softwares you must have :

These softwares you can install from Ubuntu software center :

– Vlc : The best media player for Linux it play almast everything , he has many features that you can not find in any other media player , see this article to know more about vlc : Things you didn’t know VLC media player can do

-Vuze : the most popular Bitorrent client :


– Moovida Media center : Moovida is much more than a simple media player… it is a cutting edge media center bringing the best of the internet to your TV screen. Automatically creating your own digital library you can browse from your sofa with a remote control. The elegant and easy to use interface automatically displays artwork and fan art throughtout and gives you access to movie synopsis and artist info.

Install Thunderbird:  the best mail / News client from Mozilla :

– Filezilla the best ftp client for linux :

Pidgin the best messenger client and 30 plugins, you can enjoy chat with freinds using voice and cam :

Openshot video editor : Openshot is a video editor for linux, is one of the best ones existing actually for linux. The news is that now has a PPA this mean easy install for Ubuntu users, but the big news is that the new version come with 30 new effects. See the video demonstration what you can do with Openshot : Install openshot on karmic koala



  • http://relst.nl Relst

    I have tried openshot, but I think kdenlive (http://www.kdenlive.org/) is better. Openshot has less features, but more effects…

  • http://umbyte.com Kellsens Willamos

    Hi M. Zinoune! This post is great. Would you allow me to translate it to portuguese and publish in my blog ?

    Thank you,


  • zinovsky

    You`re welcome Kellsens,
    Yes you kan translate it , just don`t forget to put alink to the original source :)
    Thank you

  • http://umbyte.com Kellsens Willamos

    Thank you, Zinovsky!

  • http://www.tuxwerx.com Jen Cato

    Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic is LOUSY compared to prior releases!
    I’ve run Ubuntu for years and 9.10 Karmic is the worst release yet!
    Firefox has serious issues rendering web pages. Missing features and GNOME has been having serious issues too.
    I have had so many crashes with 9.10 Karmic Windows 7 is starting to look good!
    I run Ubuntu 9.04 and Debian Testing (Squeeze) on separate partitions and they run fine.
    BTW. I built my puter specifically to run Linux so I know my hardware is Linux compatible so it isn’t a hardware issue. :x

  • cpx

    Well lets say RIP old good ubuntu !!

    This NEW ubuntu is really shitty!!
    I’m ubuntu user since 8.xx, but now i’m on windoze just to download & re-install 9.04

  • Joe

    #7- Uninstall ubumtu, Install better Linux Os, like Mandriva, Ferdora, OpenSuse, ect. Quit wasting time on crappy copied linux distros and get the real thing.

  • Jayman

    My prefered OS . still Opensuse :) . i was growing with from suse 5.0 version

  • GJ

    Disappointing to say the least. Medibuntu instructions in this post did not work.

    As for Karmic — ouch! Took steps backward to install this supposed “upgrade.” The “upgrade” as advertised did not work – period. I suspect the US mirrors were overwhelmed which would explain the poor d/l performance experienced. Tried at least 6 times just because I didn’t want to hassle with backup/reload of data. Fortunately I did back up data because during the “installing packages” phase of so-called “upgrade” the system froze, but it didn’t freeze once. The system froze on every attempt which was downright disappointing. A clean install took care of the problem but, of course, I had to reload my backed up data.

    The system performance has degraded noticeably. Windows XP, long since removed from this old box, had better performance. No plans to return to Win but reverting to 9.04 Ubu’ or earlier is a possibility.

    The Synaptic Package Manager is failing to reload the restricted repositories. One would think this bug would have been worked out in Hardy, I guess not.

    I won’t bother with the rest of the refinements mentioned in the post above. If the basics aren’t working out of the box I strongly suspect the rest of this “upgrade” too has problems.

    I almost feel as if I’m stepping back several generations with this “upgrade.” Karmic probably works fine on newer hardware but if you’re an old hardware user don’t bother.

  • zinovsky

    Which problems you had with Medibuntu ? Which errors you got ?

  • enough

    Wow, the trolls came out in droves.

  • Trog

    Hey I spent weeks trying to get my Atheros 5304 air card working on Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.10beta, and finally gave up and gave it to my daughter. A month later she gave it back and I plugged it in (using 9.10 upgraded) and it worked out of the box. Felt good.

    Plus I haven’t seen any of the glitches that people are complaining about. It helps to not be a Gnubie; you get used to how the system works and avoiding and fixing errors, just like with any other OS. It also helps if you actually know whether the problem is in the kernel, the software, the hardware, or the chair.

  • http://blog.cottee.org Ian J Cottee

    Noted some of the comments here. Not sure what the problems are. I’ve installed Karmic on two machines so far (one desktop and one laptop) and both have worked great. Response seems snappier and the overall experience `better`. Sorry for such a non-technical phrase but it just seems to hang together well.

    I always wipe my previous installs completely though. My customisations are pretty easy to replace through careful use of various sync utilities.

    Wondering if the problems are to do with the upgrading process?

  • Arup

    I upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic with a fresh clean install and haven’t faced a single issue. I have MS VX6000 cam that was a bit dark but it got fixed with v4l2ucp. Ubuntu keeps getting better and better, this version is even snappier and with less CPU usage overall.

    I can see good old MS trolls back again and bashing it as usual, their days are all but numbered as the latest Win7 hype is dying down. Even staunch Windows addicts are now contemplating if the costly upgrade from Vista was really necessary. Comparing Karmic to Win XP is a big hoot, even Win7 can’t match the snappiness of it when you compare a functional Karmic to a fully laded with AV and HIPS Win7.

    Btw, when fools make statements like use real OS like Mandriva, Fedora etc. Well had it not been for Ubuntu, the word DESKTOP LINUX wouldn’t exist. SuSE and now Ubuntu is the reason Linux is being tried out by even the most scared Windows users. After working with UNIX for years, my first home Linux distro was SuSE and now its Ubuntu.

  • Rob

    After opening terminal and pasting the commands the keypad freezes preventing me from responding to the next line (password). Any idea why this is happening?

  • Jamal

    Its working fine for me :)

  • Tam-Tam

    Thnks mate..!!!..u brightening my life :)

  • http://andre.smoenux.webfactional.com/ Andre

    Hi, it’s not frozen :) … you just dont see any feedback when typing the password in the terminal. This is normal behaviour. Just type your password, and hit enter :)

  • Rob

    Thanks, I’m in business!

  • terminator

    Arup, I am glad you stopped at the statement “Well
    had it not been for Ubuntu, the word DESKTOP LINUX wouldn’t exist. ” and did not say something like “Shuttleworth invented Linux!!!!!!!”. Accept the simple fact that 9.10 is BUGGY and BAD and the first adopters are serving a unit testers.

  • Anonymous

    sir zinovsky keep up the good work :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: teach us to spread ubuntu im a new user of this, and i am working as a technician in a 2ndhand computershop… and pls give me more tutorial about this o.s, u can send email to honbunch26@yahoo.com

    thnks sir

  • Anonymous

    sir zinovsky keep up the good work :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: teach us to
    spread ubuntu im a new user of this, and i am working as a technician in a
    2ndhand computershop… and pls give me more tutorial about this o.s, u can send
    email to honbunch26@yahoo.com

    thanks sir
    mel Buendia

  • http://great Andre

    Your welcome

  • Juanito

    Thanks for the instructions. There is always something to learn from. As for Karmic, it works very well with no flaws on my ASUS P4P800. I enjoy the mix of KDE and Gnome that you can invoke choosing Sessions at Login. Either Gnome or KDE footprints, or a mix, even the new Gnome-shell for 19.4 is available now as .deb. But that will exceed the comprehension of Win-freaks still searching to make Ubuntu work flawlessly.

  • mel Buendia


    Good Day sir Can you help me how to install the grafic of my videocard here in ubuntu9.10? what site do i have to enter, this is my vieocard spect fx5200 nvidia,
    i want a better display here in ubuntu9.10 specially playing online games like facebook,

    thank you sir hope you will help me regarding this matter, i will w8 for your reply. or u can send an email to honbunch26@yahoo.com,

  • Andrew

    Thanks a lot for information on this website.
    It was GREATE HELP!!!
    I was able to configure my distro to my liking.
    King Regard Andrew

  • Anonymous

    i just started using karmic koala an i can do nothing with the repositories medibuntu does nothing

  • Zinovsky

    For the moment Medibuntu server is done :(