The winner is …. Google Chrome

A  comparaison has been done between the latest versions of the 5 most popular web browesrs:

Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome 3.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0,  Opera 10.0, Apple Safari 4.0.

Every browser was tested under 6 performance indicators : JavaScript speed, average CPU usage under stress, DOM selection, CSS rendering speed, page load time, and browser cache performance

at the end of the test the winner was Google Chrome. The results are reported bellow :

We see that google in a short time is taking the place of the most popular web browsers.

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  • maarten

    Unfortunately the conclusion is drawn somewhat too quick. How important is it that chrome is 0.03 seconds faster than firefox in the cahce performance compared to the 12ms that opera is faster than chrome in choosing the DOM…. And then there are several other selection criteria which are important for browser selection: do the browsers display the content correctly? Are there many plugins/widgets?
    Having said that, it is impressive that chrome is performing so well….or should I say that it is surprising to see that IE is performing so poor?

  • Chris Pollard

    I’m using an Aspire One netbook as my day-to-day machine (With a 17″ Dell laptop for occasional heavy lifting.) and Firefox is a dog on it. Absolute DOG. Chrome is snappy as heck AND the full screen mode surpasses Firefox’s IMHO.

    That said, FF is still my preferred browser on a full powered system, or when I’m working on sites, because of the incredibly helpful extensions out there. And I far prefer using the delicious bookmarks toolbar for painless multi-system bookmarking.

    I’ve yet to be terribly impressed by Safari on Windows, and Opera is nice, but I’ve never found that it was the right fit for me. And IE? Dear Lord, why can’t Microsoft either do the right thing and make WebKit the IE rendering engine (with maybe a “TridentTab” compatibility mode) and make the web world a sane, rational, modern place?

  • Anonymous

    How were these things weighted? Safari is better than FF in 4 of the 6 metrics, and of the other two it doesn’t seem that far behind FF. So how does FF rank higher overall than Safari?

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t. . . they are ranked evenly. I agree with the findings though. . . I have been using Google Chrome for a while now and find it absolutely amazing. Fast, light weight and easy to use with a simple UI. Props to Google for this one.

  • Kammie

    It’s great that I can see a fast load of pages in Chrome, then hit the scroll wheel and CTRL key to resize the f*ing fonts to read it. Maybe that minimum font size is what slows down Firefox, eh?