Systemclean- A nautilus script to clean your system from unnecessary files

Systemclean is a nautilus script that  clean the system from unnecessary files. It is safe to use since it doesn`t  affect the settings of either the system or any program.terminal



1- Download the script from this link

2- Extract the file to your home directory.

3- Now open terminal and cd the extracted directory, in my case :

cd /home/zinovsky/Downloads/SystemClean_en v1.2/

4- Now copy Systemclean to /.gnome/nautilus-script

cp SystemClean /home/zinovsky/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/

is done.

Now to open Systemclean, right click on your desktop then go to scripts menu and select SystemClean:


You will get this screen :


Choose the programs you want to clean cache and click ok. When cleaning is complete you will get this message.


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