Stream music wirelessely using PulseAudio server

The  new version of PulseAudio has some pretty neat new features built in, one of the greatest features is support for Apple AirTunes, which is a protocol that allows you to stream audio to remote devices over a network. Using Pulseaudio server i was able to stream music wirelessly to my laptop from my Desktop.

To complete this, we will need PulseAudio Device Chooser (padevchooser),that is a simple GTK tool which registers an icon in the tray area and allows quick access to some features of the PulseAudio sound server.

Now lets start,


First : install PulseAudio Device Chooser on both machines, to do that go to applications–> Ubuntu software manager

and install PulseAudio Device Chooser

2 Now go to applications–>Sound&video–>Pulseaudio device chooser

3- In the machine from where you want to play music from ,click on the icon of PulseAudio Device Choose and choose configure Local Sound Server :

Now choose Network server and enable network access as described in the screenshot bellow :

4- Now on the machine from where you want to listen the music click on the icon of PulseAudio Device Choose and choose configure Local Sound Serverand configure Network access as described bellow :

5- Now click on the ico of PulseAudio Device Chooser and select default server

All that remains now is to set the machine you want to stream audio from to use the remote computer’s speakers instead of it’s own. Now click on the headphone jack icon. At the top of the menu you will see a submenu titled “Default Server”. This is where you should now see your remote system listed right at the top and should look something like “unixmen@hostname”. Click it and you are done. All audio played will now be blaring through the other computers sound system.

Listning to “The book of my life” of Sting in my laptop, Streamed from my desktop


  • Chebon

    This is great. however; I cannot get sound on the remote system.

  • Phill

    I was having trouble until I opened up ports 5353 (for Avahi) and 4713 (for pulseaudio) on both my PCs.

  • sharavana

    This is great.
    Can you give the procedure’s equivalent command line operations using the terminal?

  • padevchooser

    I couldn’t get the two computers to see each other, any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    Also I had to install pulseaudio-module-roap to make the AirPlay option available. Any other steps I need to do?

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Yoann

    Does not exactly solve your problem, but even if service discover does not work (or is turned off), you can still access the remote sound server.

    In the dialog to choose the default server, you can go to other, and then enter :

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Erik Lundmark

    padevchooser has been dropped in 11.10, to open it use ALT+F2 > paprefs. You might have to install paprefs first.

    If all the options are frayed out, you’ve got the same bug as me. The workaround (which didn’t work for me) is [code]sudo ln -s /usr/lib/pulse-0.99 /usr/lib/pulse-0.99.3[/code]

    I’d be forever greatful if you could update this article for 11.10 :)

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Erik Lundmark

    The corrent workaround is of course based on the current PulseAudio version. As of 2011-10-13 the code should be [code]sudo ln -s /usr/lib/pulse-1.0 /usr/lib/pulse-1.0.0[/code]

  • Zinovsky

    Thanks Eric, i will update the post.

  • Conor

    This is totally awesome, and I appreciate your sharing it, but it appears padevchooser is no longer in the repositories. Do you have a solution for this? What have you been using lately to fill this gap? 

  • stayupthetree
  • Joshua Harris

    How do you use this? I am on Ubuntu 12.04 (running unity)

  • mie

    I’m planning to stream pulseaudio from the laptop to the raspberry pi with raspbian without graphical interface. How can I setup it through the command line? any specific program?

  • Guest

    Doesn’t work. Why can I not choose any of the options in the tray interface (all greyed out)? I can’t configure local sound server, which is obviously imperative in order to stream. Using Mint 14, which is effectively the same as Ubuntu.

  • christypea

    I had that issue (running RHEL), and after I installed the paprefs package I could choose Configure Local Sound Server.