Smokin' Guns a free Old West game for Linux

Smokin’ Guns is a free FPS and Open Source game that take you back to the old time of the ‘Old West’. Based on the engine of Quake 3, Smokin’ Guns has all the attributes of a traditional FPS: play in solo or network, a complete arsenal of weapons, a dozen charts and several modes of play. You have the choice between duels with the OK Corral, matches by team and of the attacks of bank to plunge you in full western.

Install Smokin’ Guns in ubuntu 9.04 :

You can also install it with a click from PlayDeb repository : Install Smokin’ Guns

For other linux distributions :

Go to this link register  and download .zip file , then unzip it :


Rename the folder :

mv "Smokin' Guns" SmokinGuns

change to smokinGuns directory

cd SmokinGuns

Make it executable :

chmod +x smokinguns.x86

Then run this command to launch the installation




Watch the video :


ReD_NeCKersoN Dry Gulch video – Mod DB

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