Skype (P2P connect failed) Solved

when i  try  to  connect   with  my  skype  i  get  this  error  message Skype (P2P connect failed)


Answer :

kill all   skype prcess and


under  your  home  shell




[pirat9@localhost ~]$ ls  ~/.Skype

coldfire3000  shared.lck  shared.xml

[pirat9@localhost ~]$ rm -rf   ~/.Skype

[pirat9@localhost ~]$




star  Skype  , login and  enjoy

  • Ravi

    I followed your steps, but still sign in failed. The same message appears ‘ P2P connection failed’. I am using Ubuntu 10.04 with wifi connection. plz suggest wht to do.
    Thanks in advance.


    it really works!

  • Kasei

    Worked for me too but my history is gone.

  • industrybroadcast

    God this is the second time I’ve seen this overkill suggestion come up.  You delete your .skype dir and you will loose all of your chat histories on that computer forever.  The only file you need to remove is shared.xml, you don’t need to drop a bloody h-bomb on skype.

  • Nuwan Chaturanga

    Worked for me too

  • Mr Plotnikov

    i just renamed ~/.Skype to ~/.Skype2, logged on(i lost history), logout, rename ~/.Skype2 to ~/.Skype and all fine(history come back) :)

  • Simon James

    Thanks – this worked on my kde opensuse 12.1.

  • Dharnesh

    I followed the same steps but still it fails

  • Taras

    So where is the solution for those to whom it did not work? For me also :/

  • Amit Rai

    I just renamed shared.xml and it logged in and created a new shared.xml.