Skolelinux- An educational subset of Debian for schools

Skolelinux is often refered to as Debian Edu or the educational subset of the GNU/Linux distribution Debian. It is a Debian Pure Blend, a subset of Debianskolelinux-logo that has been tailored to be used out-of-the-box in schools.

The Skolelinux / Debian Edu project is the result of an effort that started out as independent projects orcestrated by many different groups from different regions of Europe and these days, all over the world.


In Norway,  a voluntary organization was founded on the 16th of July 2001.  “Fri programvare i skolen” ( roughly translated to “Free software in the schools” and often refered to as either “Free software in schools, Norway” or “FRISK”) are the name of the membership organization for all developers and interested parties in the promotion and use of Free (as in speech) Software  in Norwegian schools. We currently have about 200 interested people aboard.

FRISK receives financial support from the SLX Debian Labs Foundation that oversees all economic aspects of our work. We use the funds granted to hold developer gatherings for the Debian Edu project, sponsor developer participation in Debian-related projects/events and for public promotion of our solutions, etc“(1)

Skolelinx comes with many educational  software like :


A program for learning of geography, it contains completed exercises with the location of capitals, countries, maps, etc. If you are a little firm on the data and drawing, you can add new maps with new exercises as well.


Explore the solar system, planets, galaxies and stars in real time, see where the ISS (international space station)is located right now.


GCompris is a collection of educational programs intended for users between 2-10 years. The package contains more than 100 different activities, ranging from exploration of the computer, learning the use of keyboard and mouse, reading and writing activities, algebra and time learning the simulation of the coupling of electric components.


KAlgebra is an advanced mathematical calculator, which can display the function expression graphic – in both 2D and 3D.

Find the complete list  in the officel page

As usualy we installed skolinux and we made some screenshots.

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Useful Links : (1)

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