Secret Maryo Chronicles- An opensource Super Mario Bross clone for Linux

A Jump and Run game like Super Mario World with an advanced Editor and highly detailed Graphics based on SDL with a OpenGL accelerated Graphics

Renderer developed in C++.

Secret Maryo Chronicles has been described as a Super Mario Bros. clone by PCtipp. It was listed as the number one

open source video game by APC in January 2008. Stern praised the speed of the game and its puzzle solving. The game was named one of the most promising open source games of 2008 by El Heraldo and praised as a well-made non-violent game for children by heute.



Installation :

Download the package from the list bellow

All : Compile the source code from Tarball
Gentoo : smc (includes music)

Ubuntu  :

You can install the game from

Debian : smc

Fedora :


  • Sophie
FreeBSD :

  • Console (as root):
    # cd /usr/ports/games/secretmaryochronicles/
    # make install clean
  • Package Manager : secretmaryochronicles



  • Package Manager : smc