Resolve Fedora 12 yum install or update errors behind proxy |Tips

This is a quick tip for people using fedora 12 behind a proxy. If happens that you want to install software or update your system but diden`t work, then this solution may help you.

This happened to me before so i will share with you how i resolved this issue.

When i was trying to update or install new software on my fedora 12 behind the proxy i got the error as described in the screenshot bellow

Now we will see the how to resolve this issue :

open a terminal under root access and edit /etc/yum.conf

su -
vi /etc/yum.conf

Now add one of the 2 lines bellow to the yum.conf file :

proxy=http://username:password@hostname:port /



save and exit . Now try again to update or install some packages

Is working !!

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  • Tom

    Thanks for this tip

    I tried several ways and this one just worked.
    A litlle variant i used:

    nano /etc/yum.conf

    i inserted this:

    it just works

    thanks mate. :wink:

  • abc

    yes .. it works great. thanks for the tip. saved lots of time