Howto change the Default program on ubuntu

Sometimes for whatever reason, the default program that opens when we double click a file is not the one we want, in this case most of us will want to change the default program to another one. This article will show you how to change the default program in ubuntu.

First install the program you want to make it default (Me i took the example of changing the default mp3 player in my ubuntu from Totem to Banshee, for that  I installed first Banshee media player to make it as default mp3 player )

Now  to change the default program, right click the file (My case mp3 file), select Properties, and chose the Open With tab.

(Example : When i open an mp3 file , it open by default by Totem media player.)


Now i want to make Banshee as my default mp3 player,  to do that ,i right clicked on the file, and i selected Properties

Now  i choosed the Open With tab, then clicked on one of the radio buttons to chose one of the programs that Ubuntu recognizes as a valid program to view/manipulate the file ( In my case Banshee Media Player)

Note :If the program is not there, click the Add button, and chose from another, longer list of programs. If it’s still not there, or you want it to be opened with special flags, try Use a custom command option to type in the command to the program. Then click Add.

Now  close the properties box, and double click the file. It should now open with your program of choice. Please note that if you make the program, say Banshee, open .mp3 files, it will not automatically open .wav files.

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