Propose a name for Fedora 13


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We have to wait some days to come out at last the final version of Fedora 12 Constantine and Redhat has already opened the particular name selection process for the next version (Fedora 13).

The process has not changed since the last time, just the name proposed is related to the anterior of the most original way possible. For example, the relationship between Leonidas and Fedora 11 Fedora 12 Constantine is that both are cities of St. Joseph County, Michigan.

Among the proposals are now sent to Truro (both are parishes in Cornwall), Caesar (both Roman emperors), Apollo (both are streets of Cainta, Philippines)

Logically, rejected proposals with negative connotations, relationships too obvious or potential legal issues or Trademark conflict (such as Radiohead and Demon). If you have an idea through the wiki for proposals, you have until 16 November for the brain estrujaros.

If you want to propose a name, then please follow this link to apply your favorite code name :)