Play games installed on other computers with StreamMyGame

StreamMyGame Server enables PC games to be played remotely by converting the game’s video and audio into a Game Stream and sending it over a home network to a second computer where you can view and play the game with the free StreamMyGame Player. The second computer can be a PC, laptop, PS3 or Linux device. The game can be played on the second computer without any lag

The StreamMyGame Player is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Linux with resolutions up to Super HDTV 3200 x 2400. Compatible Linux installations include Ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux, recommended by Sony for the PS3.

How it works (as described on StreamMygame website) :

Members share their games by listing them on our website. This creates a Game Stream hypertext link. They use our website to allow other members to access this Game Stream link. By selecting this link a secure, authenticated connection with encryption is established between the member who has the game and the member who wants to play it. Our website starts the game and uses Streamer to intercept the games video and audio. Streamer converts the video and audio to a Game Stream.

The Game Stream can be recorded to a file, broadcast, transmitted over the home network and will soon be able to be sent over the internet and played on the remote computer. The encrypted keyboard commands from the remote computer are captured and transmitted back over the network and used to play the game.

This bi-directional stream of video, audio and encrypted control data is called a Game Stream.


Download and Install:

There is a detailled how to on the website on how to install StreamMyGame on ubuntu/fedora , you have just to download the .deb or .rpm package and install is as usual (More instructions are on the website).

If the .deb / .rpm installation file or you want to install StreamMyGame on other linux distribution then you have just to download .sh script file (Steps to install .sh on their website) .

Note that download of StreamMyGame files require registration

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