Pessulus- A lockdown editor for Gnome to limit users functionality access | Ubuntu


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Pessulus is a lockdown editor that allows administrators to easily disable certain features of the GNOME desktop, it lets you create a profile that limits a user to a set of application that a system administrator allows. With Pesulus for example, you can disable access to printer, command line, cd rom…


For Ubuntu you can install Pessulus from Ubuntu software center

Or via command line for Ubuntu/Debian/LinuxMint :

sudo apt-get install pessulus

- For Fedora :

yum install pessulus

You can access to lockdown fromSystem –> Administration–>Lockdown editor

As you can see in the screenshot bellow, Pessulus provides four main groups for locking specific sets of applications — Main, Panel, Epiphany Web browser, and GNOME screensaver. Each group allows an administrator to limit a specific set of software or functions.

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