PC-BSD 8.2 Beta1 is released! Screenshots Tour

The first beta release of PC-BSD 8.2 is released, a user-friendly desktop operating system based on FreeBSD. The Version 8.2 contains a pcbsd_logonumber of enhancements and improvements. Some of the notable changes are: added ability to select file system type and to encrypt partitions during installation; added ability to change hostname from installer; numerous fixes and improvements to NetworkManager, including 3G support and ability to enable/disable the lagg interface. Everyone is encouraged to test this beta and to report any bugs to the testing mailing list. Instructions for beta testers can be found in the PC-BSD Handbook.


Read the release announcement for more details


What`s new?

* Updated to FreeBSD 8.2-PreRelease
* Installation related bugfixes and enhancements:
– Added ability to select FS type during auto-partitioning
– Added ability to enable Encryption during auto-partitioning
– Added ability to change hostname from installer
– Fixed bug switching to some non-english languages
– MFC option to select between MBR/GPT partitioning 
* MFC number of fixes to Network Manager
* Added option to enable / disable using “lagg” fail-over network interface

Download :


cld-20101217-i686.iso (1,779MB, MD5, torrent), cld-20101217-x86_64.iso (1,944MB, MD5, torrent).


As usual, we installed PCBSD 8.2 beta1 and we made some screenshots:

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