Opera 10.63 is out!

Opera 10.63 is now available for download . This release comes with many improvements, bug fixes and many security enhancements. It is hightly advised to update to this new version, If you already use Opera, you should get a notice message to update to the new version.


Download Opera 10.63


Changes since Opera 10.62 for Linux

User interface

  • Disabled sync protocol support to improve resizing of windows
  • Added various key UNIX IME improvements
  • Crash when removing custom settings folders
  • Start Bar being blanked out after opening a background tab
  • Opera Unite Messenger application not loading
  • Crash when saving a file while the page redirects
  • Crash after leaving a page containing Flash with wmode="transparent"
  • Using Opera Link, bookmarks dragged out of the Opera Mini folder are recreated when sent as added in the Opera Mini folder again
  • Opera Link freezing on startup
  • Fallback to a second address being very slow
  • Importing Firefox bookmarks freezing Opera
  • Import Firefox bookmarks file filter being broken in KDE
  • Reloading pages give multiple unclosable download dialogs
  • Problems launching the default browser in different UNIX desktop environments
  • Mouse selection not copying to clipboard
  • Korean IME not working on Ubuntu 10.04
  • iBus: only the first typed Chinese character being committed
  • Menus being as high as the screen and nearly empty
  • Crash when viewing the bookmark menu

Display and scripting

  • Handling of Content-Disposition extended parameters
  • Memory corruption when using SVG in an <img> element
  • Several JavaScript-related issues, including one with Yahoo! Mail Classic
  • Incorrect compilation to native code leads to wrong arithmetic results
  • Crash when assigning data or src attribute on a focused and highlighted <input> element with dirty layout
  • JavaScript alerts opening shortly after a page loads close instantly


  • Added search suggestions from Baidu
  • External links not being opened from widgets on Linux
  • 100% CPU usage occurring when starting Opera
  • Crash when opening a file with Content-Disposition: attachment directly in Opera


  • Fallback to a second address in DNS being very slow


  • Fixed an issue that allowed cross-domain checks to be bypassed, allowing limited data theft using CSS, as reported by Isaac Dawson; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where manipulating the window could be used to spoof the page address; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue with reloads and redirects that could allow spoofing and cross-site scripting; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed private video streams to be intercepted, as reported by Nirankush Panchbhai of Microsoft Vulnerability Research; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue that caused JavaScript to run in the wrong security context after manual interaction;

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