Opera 10.60b1 comes with more speed and many new features

Opera released the fastest browser on Earth. Today, Opera does it again, releasing a new beta version of Opera 10.60, now more than 50% faster than its predecessor on selected JavaScript tests. In addition to unmatched speed, Opera 10.60 beta incorporates new web-standard features, such as Geolocation and WebM support for HTML5 video, as well as a polished and easy-to-use user interface.


Some more features :


This UNIX beta release offers a partial implementation of geolocation services based on IP address recognition. WiFi recognition will follow shortly.

Online video

Opera 10.60 now boasts support for open video format WebM, built right into the browser. Not much of a surprise, since Opera – along with Google and Mozilla – is behind the royalty-free video codec project.

And that’s not the only anti-Flash bet the company’s making:

Search suggestions

Opera 10.60 beta makes search more efficient, introducing search suggestions for selected partners (e.g. Wikipedia) in the Speed Dial and search box.

User interface changes

Thumbnails for tabs have now been replaced with icons, and there are new graphics for Speed Dial, tab previews and the Opera menu button.

Read here the complete changelog.

Download Opera 10.60b1

Useful Links: http://www.opera.com

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