in internet cafes threat to Microsoft


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Another week, another example of how Microsoft is being forced to react to the increasing adoption of as the 2010 office software of choice. Clearly worried by’s increasing market share, Microsoft has been forced to change its licencing terms in an attempt to hold on to its internet cafe business.

Directions on Microsoft analyst Paul DeGroot admits that Linux and are a perfectly viable alternative to Microsoft Windows and MS-Office for web cafes.

Internet cafe business is important for Microsoft – one open-source cafe can demonstrate to thousands of customers every year that there is a viable alternative to Microsoft’s products. The freedom from licence fees means the cafes can offer better value to customers, flex their business in response to customer demand, and don’t live in constant dread of a visit from a licence enforcement team.

News Via mealldubh. I advise you also to read a more detailed article about this in CNET , Image credit Cnet

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