has been forked under the name of LibreOffice | With screenshots

The community of volunteers who develop and promote, the leading free office software, announce a major change in the project’s structure. After ten years’ successful growth with Sun Microsystems as founding and principle sponsor, the project launches an independent foundation called “The Document Foundation“, to fulfil the promise of independence written in the original charter.


According to their website, “Our mission is to facilitate the evolution of the Community into a new open, independent, and meritocratic organizational structure within the next few months. An independent Foundation is a better match to the values of our contributors, users, and supporters, and will enable a more effective, efficient, transparent, and inclusive Community. We will protect past investments by building on the solid achievements of our first decade, encourage wide participation in the Community, and co-ordinate activity across the Community.”

The principales supporters of this project are Google, Canonical, Red Hat, Novell and more.

A beta version of LibreOffice is available for download at the LibreOffice Web site. The current release is basically a rebranded version of Go-oo. For now, only RPM binaries are available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

According to the press release: “Oracle Corporation — who acquired assets as a result of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems — has been warmly invited to become a contributor to the new Foundation.”

Additional information, are available on the web site of The Document Foundation:

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