Install and upgrade to openoffice 3.2 in ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala|fedora12|debian|ppa


Openoffice3.2 Final is available. The new version of 3.2 comes with many new features and improvements. If you are under fedora12, linuxMint8, Ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala or debian you can follow the instructions bellow to install or upgrade to Openoffice3.2.

A lot of new features have found its way into the new version. Here are just a few of them:

  • faster start up times
  • improved compatibility with open standard (ODF) and proprietary file formats
  • improvements to all components, but especially in the Calc spreadsheet with many new or enhanced features
  • the Chart module (usable throughout got a usability makeover as well as offering new chart types
  • Impress and Draw provides the new Comments implementation that is already known from Writer
  • Base got now also the zoom slider to increase/decrease the view seamless

Much more details can be found in the New Features documentation and in the technical Release Notes.


Download 3.2.0 Final Release.

Install and upgrade  (Installation tested and is working):

  • For ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala (Via PPA launchpad):

For the installation via ppa launchpad for Ubuntu, the official repositories that will have 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 for Ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala and ubuntu10.04 lucid lynx are now available , you can now you can install via repository if you are under ubuntu.

For Karmic koala :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openoffice-pkgs/ppa

Now update and upgrade :

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

  • Install 3.2 final (debian package) on Ubuntu/Debian/LinuxMint:

First : Remove all the packages from the installed version
Go to Synaptic or your package manager and mark all the packages installed to be removed (there is the string ubuntu in their version number). This is mandatory for your first upgrade of the distro delivered OOo version, no need to do that for the following upgrades.
For Ubuntu (flavors prior to Jaunty 9.04), the system will also remove the ubuntu-desktop package. No worry, this is a meta package that can be removed safely. But in case you want to upgrade your whole distro, you’ll have to install back this package (and the OOo original version). To remove from terminal :

sudo apt-get remove openoffice*.*

Second : Download the debian package, and install them by following these steps :

For us language the package is :OOo_3.2.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz

Now esxtract using the command :

tar xzvf OOo_3.2.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz

Now cd the extracted directory :

cd OOO320_m12_native_packed-1_en-US.9483/

The software is installed using the dpkg -i command. Type the following command, to install the software:

sudo dpkg -iR DEBS/

If you already had an older version already upgraded to 3.1.1 which you did not uninstall, dpkg will upgrade it rather than installing both versions at once.

Removing : To remove a package, use the following command:

sudo dpkg -r
  • Install 3.2 final on RPM based Linux systems : Fedora / Centos /Redhat:

Installation steps :

1- To install the software for all users, su to become superuser.

2- Extract the package with the following command:

tar -xvf OOo_3.2.0_xxxxxxxx_LinuxIntel_install_wJRE_en-US.tar.gz

3- cd to the folder that the tar command created.

cd 000320_xx_native_packed-1_en-US.9476

4- To install the software for all users, type the following to become superuser:

su -

5- Grant permission to open a graphical display for root, using the authority from your user account. This is necessary for security reasons on some systems, while on other systems adequate security is provided without this

XAUTHORITY=/home/{username}/.Xauthority; export XAUTHORITY
DISPLAY=:0.0; export DISPLAY

6- Start the setup program and follow the instructions.


7- If you su to install for all users, exit the superuser shell:



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