3.2 final release pushed to january 2010

Due to Christmas break , the developers of 3.2  decided to report the tinal release date of 3.2 to January 2010 , the wiki has been updated to read that OpenOffice 3.2 is pushed to a January release.

Note that the 17th of December will come the first RC, Openoffice.org3.2 RC 1

What`s is coming in 3.2 :

  • Overall
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Implementation of ODF 1.2 Metadata
    • Support for Opentype/CFF fonts
    • Begin of support for Graphite Smart fonts
    • XHTML export filter update
    • Support for Quicklook on OS X
  • Writer
    • Stemming and morphological capabilities for Thesaurus
    • Better OOXML import / begin of .docx export
  • Calc
    • Bubble chart implementation for charting module
    • Improvements in Autofilter, DataPilot, Conditional formatting, ODFFormula
    • Allow to insert/delete into/from the middle of merged cells
  • Base
    • Search and replace capabilities to SQL-Editor

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