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  1. shane
    December 5, 2009

    It is so easy to run your own DNS server in Linux that using a third party server doesn’t make much sense.

  2. sebsauvage
    December 6, 2009

    [i]it might be better to use Google DNS because OpenDNS breaks DNS standards.[/i]

    Er… excuse me ? No.
    NX redirection can be deactivated. OpendDNS does break aynthing.
    Want a screenshot ?
    Oh look ! A “NX” response message !

    [i]Also OpenDNS covertly redirects google searches from some browser toolbars to its own servers.[/i]

    This is not “covertly”, it’s written in plaintext if you take time to RTFM. And you can disable it too. (You do not seem to have taken the time to really test OpenDNS).

    BTW, in OpenDNS you have stats, and you can configure plenty of thing GoogleDNS it not capable of (blacklisting/whitelisting, smartcache, filtering by categories, etc.).
    Can you purge your stats stored at GoogleDNS ? I can with OpenDNS.

    [i]This is without user’s consent or knowledge and introduces security and privacy concerns.[/i]

    Oh [b]please[/b] read the OpenDNS documentation. It’s written in plaintext.

    Please tell me: What security and privacy concern does it bring compared to GoogleDNS ? I don’t get it.

  3. jemarc2009
    July 12, 2010

    GoogleDNS vs OpenDNS

    Well lets take it clearly

    OpenDNS is purely for web filtering methods so keep this in mind if you are a business minded and want security with your system I recommend using OpenDNS, and by the way I hope some of you guyz know how to read the policy of some free DNS provider before you react.

    For me OpenDNS is the best among other free DNS services, and nothing to say with GoogleDNS… :D

  4. SIMPSONAnn32
    July 9, 2011

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